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Next day

Ellen’s POV

I finish work and decide to text Louis, he tells me his at work, I didn’t know he worked.

ME: Where do you work?

LOUIS: At the gym.

ME: The same one as Liam?

LOUIS: And Harry and Zayn.

ME: I never knew.

We text for a while longer before he tells me he has to go, I decide I want to see him and head home, I park my car and walk to the gym, I go straight past reception, the lady greeting me on my way past and into the boxing room, Louis told me he was one of the trainers there, like Liam, I didn’t picture Harry as the type to work, I guess working at a gym is fun compared to other jobs, I spot Louis and Liam both with different people, Zayn the one I remember from the ‘welcome home’ party thrown for Louis and Harry, I don’t see Harry there, maybe he isn’t working today. I sit on the mates of the ring, leaning against the ropes as I watch Louis, his hands slipped into focus pads as the guy he trains punches them in all different combinations, I see the guy look in my direction before saying something that gets Louis attention, Louis looks over his shoulder and a moment later his eyes land on me, a smile crosses his lips before he turned back to the guy, telling him something and flicking the pads from his hands, letting them land on the floor before he comes towards me.

“Hi.” I smile as he reaches me, he kisses my lips.

“Hi, what are you doing here?” he asked and I shrugged.

“Though I’d come and see you at work.” He smiles and leans forwards, his hands beside my thighs.

“And yet another person that fancy’s you.” I reach my hand up and place my palm over his mouth.

“Who cares?” he smirks, pulling my hand away.

“Not me cause your mine.” he says kissing my lips, I smile into the kiss and it’s over too soon. “You don’t start school tomorrow do you?” he asks hopefully and I smile a tight smile.

 “Nope, not for another two weeks.” I tell him and he smiles.

Week later

Louis and I went to a New Year’s Eve party; Louis stands with his arms folded over my chest as my back presses to his chest, his chin on my shoulder as we wait for the count down and the fireworks. I spoke to Harry earlier in the night, asking if he would forgive me, he was a stubborn dog and we argued before he walked away.

“TEN!” the countdown starts Louis and I joining in. “FOUR!.. THREE!.. TWO!.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Louis turns me to face him before kissing my lips, his hands cupping my cheeks as he holds me in place, my hands on his back as our lips moved together, when we finally pulled away we were covered in confetti and alcohol by people walking past and shaking it onto us from there bottles, I hold Louis’ shoulders, Louis up at him, the fireworks still cracking in the back ground.

“Happy new year, beautiful.” He says and I smile.

“Happy new year, Louis.” I pull his arms around me again as I lie my head back on his shoulder and look up at the fireworks popping in the sky, the fireworks stopped after a good ten minutes and Louis took my hand as we walked back inside the venue the party was being held at, Harry and Niall sitting at the bar, obviously drunk even though there under the legal age to be drinking, there were streamers hanging from the roof, balloons on the ceiling, confetti littered the floor along with a few passed out bodies, music still pounding though out the hall as we make our way towards the exit. The drive back to Louis’ was short, being greeted back at his house with Happy New Years by his family, we ran around at the back with Louis’ sisters, swinging sparklers in the air making fiery patterns in the night sky, we must have gone through at least thirty sparklers each before Louis and I went to his bedroom, I changed into a pair of his trackies and shirt, in the bathroom before crawling under the covers on his bed, he joined me back in the room again shirtless and in track suit pants, turning off the light before coming to the bed in the dark, his weight made the mattress dip and he got in, pulling the blanket over us, I curled into his side as we lied there in the dark of the night.

“Tonight was fun.” He states breaking the silence.

“It was.” My fingertips trace patterns on his bare front, “Thank you for taking me.” I say softly, I feel his lips press to my forehead.

“I wouldn’t have wanted to be with anyone else.” I smile and snuggle further into him, his grip tightens around me and we whispers small things to one another before we had drifted to sleep.

Next morning

I woke up to Louis talking to his mum, his arms still gripping my tightly, from what I was hearing she was taking the girls out and was asking him to drop Felicity off at a friend’s, when the door clicked shit I propped myself up on my elbows.

“Morning.” I say look over at him.

“Good morning.” He returns wrapping his arms around me and pulling my body onto his, our lips connecting in a soft kiss before I pushed myself up, straddling his lap and looking down at him, my hands on his bare chest as I gently run my nails up and down. “I have to drop Fizzy off at one of her friends.” Louis tells me and I nod.

“While you’re at it, drop me home. Im sure my kitty’s are going frantic.” He sits up wrapping his arms around my back and crashing our lips together.

“What if I don’t want to drop you home?” he looked up at me, my hands resting on his shoulders as his wrap around my back, under the t shirt I borrowed of his, I kissed his lips.

“I wouldn’t mine, it’s just im thinking of the animals.” He watched me lazily, his eyes only slightly open as I sit on his lap, straddling his waist and look down on him slightly.

“Kiss me and I will take you home.” I bit my lip as I wrap my arms slowly around his neck before pushing my lips onto his, our lips moving as one as his hands trailed down to my butt, squeezing softly before falling backwards and pulling me down on top of him, I laughed into the kiss as it continued his tongue tracing my bottom lip asking for entrance before I pulled away.

“Come on, let’s take your sister to her friends.” I kiss his cheek quickly and get up, smirking as he lies on the bed looking at the ceiling with his bottom lip between his teeth, “By the way.” I say leaning over him, one knee on the bed the other foot on the floor as he looks up at me, “Im keeping your clothes.” I say and peck his lips, he gets up after a bit of debate and changes, I gather my clothes from the night before and we leave his room going down the hall and into the living room where Fizzy sits tapping away on her phone, soon we leave, im dropped off at mine, Louis walking me up and giving me a very long goodbye kiss before it was broken up by Liam, we chat for a minute before Louis leaves with one last peck and I enter my apartment where Sassy and Bandit and meowing and purring and rubbing up against my legs, I feed them and clean there litter before collapsing on the lounge. I look around the main room of the apartment, it is so dark in here, the sun is out and its quite a nice day out but my curtains stay closed over the windows, I groan as I get to my feet and make my way towards the window in the kitchen, pulling the curtains back and doing it to all the window around the apartment.

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