Suka #58

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Let us start this with a hypothetical situation: I am the head of PCOO (Presidential Communications Operation Office) pinned at salvaging President Benigno’s approval rate before ending his term come 2016. I am now in a one-on-one interview with the president and before we start he will say “Be blunt. Ayoko ng mga magagandang salita. We will not play it safe. Be harsh if needed.” I will then start my litany with the current problems:

· Your PR is afraid, if not lack of wit, to impose all-inclusive solutions that will counter the issues you are facing now. The anomalies of DAP and PDAF is an anchor that drags you down.

· The more you defend DAP, the more people you will lose.

· The more people you will lose, the lesser the chance of ending your term the way you visioned it to be.

· People’s Television Network (former NBN & Maharlika Broadcasting System, owned by the government) is a dead fish. Its programs are futile and it doesn’t attract the audience projected by the PCOO.

· You always talk of transparency in your administration but we see silhouettes that either speak of corruption or political game. In this case I am talking about the Freedom of Information bill.

· Your “Yellow Ribbon” campaign is selfish.

· Your campaign for rapid, inclusive, and sustained economic growth, being the bedrock philosophy of your administration, is not known to many Filipinos especially those below the poverty line.

· The population of those below the poverty line reflects your performance for the past four years of your government. And it reflects quite bad.

· The translation of your government programs to the masses is slow and utterly incompetent. Why do I claim such an outrageous conclusion? The proletariat does not feel the effects of such programs.

· Liberal Party talks too much of 2016. It is too much of 2016 and too little of here and now.

· Filipinos still think that you and VP Jejomar Binay are all-time foes.

· You are not active online. Yes, it is an issue.

· You are living in the shade of your great parents.

· You don’t have full control of the LGUs. It means that they can stain your “Matuwid na Daan” campaign by corruption. When that happens the local people will have a mindset that you are letting them do it.

· Is it really necessary that you focus on executing programs and set aside promotional campaigns that will let the people know that you are actually doing something? Can’t you do both? You can do both, you just haven’t thought of it until now.

After stating the problems, the president will be overwhelmed (of course), and will ask for short-term and long-term plans for promotional campaign. I will then enumerate:

· You need to have an online presence. I’m not talking about your Facebook page (that is run by someone else) or the Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines. You need to be seen by the millions of Filipinos online inside videos and short “What’s Up” clips. Take Obama’s Weekly Address to his people. Let’s establish a connection between you and your “bosses”, as you call them. Most of your “bosses” are active online, so let us grab that splendid opportunity to reach out to them.

· We need to break that line of being a president called royalty. You are not royal. You are a public servant. You serve and not feel comfy inside the presidential palace. How? Go out. Talk to ordinary people. Listen to their stories. It takes too much of your time? Let me remind you of 2016, then.

· Hush your cohorts in the Liberal Party about 2016. It doesn’t help. It projects an image of you being selfish. You are not selfish, are you? Then silence them.

· Let us salvage PTN (People’s Television Network). Let us tap media conglomerates and coordinate in making comprehensive programs that will showcase your development projects for the rest of your term.

· These programs should not sound too technical and classy. Your programs should be translated in such a way that a common Filipino can understand and even analyze. These programs/TV segments should not talk about the 6.4% first quarter GDP growth because the poor does not care and it does not actually affect them. Only big business benefits from this so-called growth.

· Relating to previously stated plan, we can utilize Kris Aquino’s prominence. No, not in a bad way. She’s doing it already. We just have to maintain it and increase its magnitude when 2016 nears.

· Your presence is centralized in Metro Manila and the main parts of Luzon. Utilize the Philippine Air Force One and fly to provinces in Visayas and Mindanao—especially Mindanao.

· Put down that yellow ribbon. As I’ve said, it is making you selfish and makes you live a life in the shadow of your great parents. Your administration should involve all colors.

· Make it clear that you and VP Jejomar Binay are friends and are working harmoniously together for country’s sake. If he runs for presidential seat in 2016, then let him be. Don’t spit out comments about it.

· Get your hands off the judicial branch of the government. Such an action will prove unpleasant results to your approval rate. Let us project an image of you that respects all decisions of the judiciary.

· Don’t look so stressed and weighed down may it be in front of cameras or not. If the people will see you in such a state, they will surely think “He can’t do this job.”

· Lastly, the following PR organs are not known to many, so let us boost their audience share:

o   Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines

o   Presidential Communications Operations Office

o   People’s Television Network

o   All microsites of “”

o   All social networking pages

The whole campaign will be to reformat the current status of Aquino’s public relations and overall promotion. His administration does not need renovation of promotional programs. It needs widespread reboot.

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