Chapter 3: Awkward Splendor

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Nash was already shirtless and once I took a hold of the camera, he turned bright red.

He was obviously uncomfortable with me taking pictures. Which offened me. Like seriously, hasnt he taken off his shirt a gazillion times in front of all his hormonal teenage fans? Why am I so different?

I was left alone with Nash, because Bryant took Hayes out to the lake to take more pictures.

Nash didn't make a good first impression on me. Yes, I knew he was famous but I treat people normally.

After a painfully awkward 10 minutes I broke the ice by saying, "Isn't it weird how one day you're ordinary, and the next day you're famous?"

"Yeah its incredible, but I'm not the one to talk about my success to somebody around my age. I'm not conceited" Nash blurted. It caught my attention.

Okay bonus points for this heartthrob. Why? Because he ain't cocky.

To keep this dying conversation going, I asked, "Was your first photoshoot awkward? I mean having the camera watch you with somebody you barely know"

A topic surrounding this bored me to death. I honestly couldn't care less about it.

"Doesn't matter, I wanna know more about you." Nash said as he smiled at the camera. I caught that golden moment.

"What's to know?" I asked, sounding professional. No way am I going to let this become a flirting session.

"Well.." He started off, "You aren't a fan of me... Can I ask why?"

Seriously? Dude. Were you trying to get to know me or wanting to know if I was apart of your fan base?

I set him straight. Nicely. "I'm the type of girl who goes to poetry slams and art galleries. I love Picasso and abstract art. I'm not the standardized teen, who obbesses over heartthrobs and listens to the media" I exclaimed.

"I like that in girls. I like different girls," Nash said as he winked at me. I caught that picture perfect frame. It probably looked like stupid since he looked at me and not the camera. But who cares?

As Nash did a masculine pose, he continued, "Lisa, you seem to be the type of girl who should be on the other end of the camera.... Instead of being the photographer, you should be the one the camera is watching"

Did he just call me cute? He has charm. He was slick and smooth. Except I'm better at this game.

"Okay, can you run your fingers through your hair so I can take a candid?" I said without the slightest emotion whatsoever.

It was obvious to me that I caught him off guard. Awwh, was he shocked that I didn't buy into his pickup line? Good. I know one thing and one thing for sure. Boys like a challenge. And I am a challenge.

Bring on the game, Nash.

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