The best hair systems london in 2014

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We recommend using MAXI wave of Bossa Nova, an activator of waves based on Palm oil from the Amazon and agents cationic that leave them soft and relaxed, your formula is spray, just enough small touches on the entire length of the hair and achieve unsurpassed results.

How to maintain it?... here we advise you to:

If you follow these tips you will help prolong the effects of smoothing and restructuring of your a toupee( Today is not enough to apply only hair replacement systems and conditioner, it is important to give you a fine touch, and how we can do it? Through a silicone, styling cream or a light formula that allows us to solve the frizz, brighten and accentuate the tone or Maria Mercedes, and hopefully repair tips,

Wash your hair at most 3 times a week.

Use hair replacement hair systems london( and conditioner line maintenance Brazil Cacau.

Do not use hair replacement systems anti-dandruff or astringent.

Whenever you humedezcas or wash your hair you should dry it with hot air, addressing it vertically, can help you with your hands.

Avoid making you discoloration treatments after you've applied Brazil Cacau; If you like "Wicks" do it before apply you it.

We have good news Custom Hair Systems( above because it is not impossible to find it, Avi Store we have products that comply with all the requirements to keep a hair stunning, full brightness, smoothness, and healthy from root to tips, wavy hair tends to be dry in tips by nature, tends to have frizz and volume, presents and happy those that possess it since using a good product of fixation can get a hair that was stealing glances. 

Many have smooth hair is almost a prize of the sky, but often isn't, this type of hair tends to be very delicate and needs special care, therefore we recommend using a moisturizer Brazil Cacau Hidratyn Hair Complex. 

When you bathing yourself in the sea or in the pool, protect your hair.

If you wish, you can apply a mask of massage once a month; We recommend Brazil Cacau Hydrating Hair Complex.

Use it at the time of styling already cause a conditioning effect, facilitates the accommodated of hair, discipline easily, because of the moisturizing agents that contains. After you Brazil Cacau feel that your hair is perfect because it is shiny, smooth, repaired, without frizz and with a perfect natural smooth.

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