C H A P T E R 18

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One month later

Tobias's phone rings and he picks it up "hello... hey Alfredo... Umm okay sure... alright text me the address... Ricky? okay... bye" he puts the phone back on his pocket.

"What did he want?" I ask him

"We have a busy day. First we have to go to a photo shoot for both of us, after that we have an interview with Ellen and then we can go to the doctor to check our baby" he said and smiled. I nodded and stood up "I'm gonna go change then" I told him and ran upstairs. I took a quick shower and put on a white muscle tee, skinny jeans and a pair of vans. I then apply a little bit of makeup because they will probably apply more in the photo shoot. I put my hair up in a messy pony tail and walk downstairs to meet Tobias.

He smiles and kisses me. I smirk and kiss him back "ready to go?" he asks and I nod. He takes my hand and we walk out hand in hand


Photo shoot

After they do my makeup I go into my dressing room. I put on my dress and walk out. I see Tobias sitting on a white bench waiting for me. He's wearing a suit. I smile and walk towards him

"Alright guys. So today we are gonna take pictures of you two when you realized you had the baby. We will see each other in three months to take another set of pictures when the pregnancy is showing" the photographer explained. We both nodded our heads "also you guys have to hold this signs" he said and handed us to papers. I looked at them. Mine says 'is it a boy?' I blue letters and Tobias's says 'is it a girl?' in pink. We both smile

"We also picked to see you in three months because by then we will be able to tell the baby gender" he says and we nod again "now hold them up and pose for me" he went back to the camera and people around were holding light and all that stuff. tobias as I smiled and posed for the pictures.


Ellen show

".. Now please welcome Tris Prior and Four Eaton" Ellen says and everyone starts clapping and cheering. Tobias and I walk out holding hands smiling and waving at the camera. We both hug Ellen and said our hellos.

We sat on the couch and Ellen sat on the sofa in front of us

"Well you guys look amazing, you two just got out from a photo shoot, am I right?" Ellen said

"Thanks and yeah we did" I said smiling

"Well on Friday tweeted that you guys were having a baby, congratulations"

"Oh yeah we are, thank you" Tobias murmured

"Okay here goes the question that kept me up all night, do you guys want a girl or a boy?" Ellen said and we laughed, so did the crowd

"Haha umm well we both want a boy but if it's a girl we will love her just as much" I said and Tobias nodded. Ellen smiled "so we heard that you guys won all the awards in the MTV music awards, you must be proud of yourselves" she said and we smiled

"Oh yeah we are. I mean we've gotten so far and our fans are just amazing" Tobias said. Ellen asked questions and we kept on doing the interview.


Doctor's appointment

"Tris Prior?" the nurse said as she walked inside the waiting room. Tobias and I stood up and she smiled kindly when she saw us "doctor Crowley will see you now" she says and we nod. Tobias takes my hand and we walk inside the doctor's room. Crowley is our family's doctor, he took care of Mackenzie and Madison.

"Hey Steven" I said as we stepped inside "oh Tris, Tobias hi" he said and hugged us both "congrats man" he said and pat Tobias on the back "thanks Steve" Tobias murmured smiling

"Okay Tris lay down here" he said and motioned me to lay on the blue chair/bed. I did as he told me and Tobias stood next to me smiling at me. I smiled back. Steven then lifted my shirt a little and applied a lubricating jelly on my skin. He then takes the ultrasound transducer and rubs it against my skin. Just then a little image pops in the screen.

"There it is" Steven said and Tobias and I smiled widely. You could see a tiny baby. Really tiny. The baby hasn't developed much yet but it's still there, beautiful "he's healthy, everything looks good. This right here is his head and his eyes are beginning to form" Steven said and Tobias chuckled "he's gonna be the cutest baby of all times, I can already tell. Just like the father" he said smirking. Steven and I laughed "right" I said and he smirked.

"Do you want the picture?" Steven asked

"Yes!" Tobias and I said right away which caused him to chuckle. Steve wiped the jelly off of my skin "alright I'll be right back" he said and left to another room. I sat up and Tobias smiled while he stroke my cheek

"Did you hear his heartbeat?" Tobias asked and I nodded.

"we are gonna have the most beautiful, perfect baby" he said and I nodded smiling. I hugged him tightly "I love you Tobias" I whispered in his ear

"I love you more" he whispered back

We pulled back and shared a sweet kiss. We intertwined fingers and waited for Steven to come back. When he came back he gave us five different pictures of the baby ultrasound "okay so I guess I'll see you in a month" Steve murmured. We both nodded. I stood up and hugged him "thanks Steve, I'll see you in a month" I said. Tobias did the same and we walked out to our car.

He started driving towards our house "hey Tobias can we stop by babies 'R us?" I asked

"Umm sure, why?" he murmured and made a left turn to the store

"I want to buy something for the baby" I said and he nodded. We pulled up and park. Tobias got out and opened the door for me. I smiled and kiss his cheek

"I need you to help me" I told him as we entered the store "help you with what baby?" he asked and I started walking "pick a cute scrapbook for the baby. I want to keep pictures of him/her" I said and smiled. Tobias did too "that's a great idea" he murmured and put his hand around my waist.

We started looking at the different scrapbooks. It was hard picking one because we didn't know if it was a girl or boy yet. We finally picked one that was good for both, girl or boy. We paid for it and went back to our house.


I was sitting in the floor in front of the coffee table in the living room. I put one of the pictures Steven gave us of the baby inside the scrapbook. Tobias took one of the baby pictures and opened his wallet "there, I'll have it in my wallet so I can look at it anytime I want" he said smiling. He put the picture right next to the one we both took together in our anniversary. I put one of the pictures in my wallet and decided to give the other to my mom and dad. They would probably like to have them.

I then stood up and jumped on top of Tobias. He fell backwards on the couch and chuckled. I kissed him and he kissed back putting his hands on my back. I pulled back and bury my face in the crook of his neck "Tobias guess what?" I murmured against his skin

"What princess?"

I pulled back and kissed the tip of his nose "I love you" I said and he flipped me over "I love you too princess" he whispered and I smiled. We then cuddled and fell asleep in each other's arms

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