5. She told me to meet her there

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The next day I was in front of Luke's house again, I think I was the first one.

"Hey Viv," he said while letting me in," you're early."

"Yeah, sorry," I said.

"I don't mind," he said.

"Oh, hey Luke," I said,"can I crash here tonight?"

"I'll ask my parents, but I think it's okay," he said as he walked towards the kitchen. I dropped my stuff in the hallway and also entered the kitchen.

"Can Viv crash here tonight?" I heard Luke ask his mom.

"Yeah of course," she smiled at him,"oh, hi Viv!"

"Hi Liz," I said. Luke's mom was a really cool mom. She said I could call her Liz, because she didn't like Ms. Hemmings. And unlike my mom, she was not overprotective at all. She just let Luke go, because she knew he was going to be okay and she knew he had to learn stuff by making mistakes and letting him free was a part of that.

It wasn't rare that I was at Luke's house and it also wasn't rare that I slept over at his place. I loved his house, it was warm and comfy and his parents were really chill. And every evening when it was almost dinner time their kitchen just filled with the smell of dinner being made and it reminded me so much of my childhood and made me feel warm and fuzzy. Of course I also liked their dog Molly, who was pretty old now. She was just the cutest thing ever and I loved cuddling her.

"We're going to the living room now, bye," Luke said to his mom and I followed him to the living room. I saw Molly already and began smiling. Molly ran towards me and I knelt down opening my arms. She jumped on me and I fell backwards. She was now licking my face and I tried to get her off of me, which kind of failed.

"Oh no," Luke said and sighed. He knew that I would give almost all of my attention to Molly now.

"Am I not good enough for you?" he jokingly whined as I continued to stroke Molly's back. I laughed and sat down next to him, Molly following me. She placed her head on my knees and I rubbed behind her ears. I placed my own head on Luke's shoulder.

"I'm so tired," I yawned.

"Then why are you sleeping here? You know we don't sleep much," Luke said and I smiled.

"I like your house more," I said,"it's cozy." It was silent for a while.

"Hey you know what I just remember?" Luke said.


"Tia was the one who introduced the rule of no couples, but she does believe in Vuke a lot." I frowned, that is quite weird actually. I yawned again. I should not have stayed up until four am this night.


"Hey, hey Viv," I heard somebody whisper,"wake up." I rubbed my eyes and opened them, still squinting. Luke was hanging over me.

"The others are almost here and I don't want anyone to walk in on one of us sleeping again." Luke said and I tried to smile. I sat up and rubbed my eyes once again while yawning.

"Here, wait," Luke stood in front of me and fixed my hair.

"Thanks," I said, my morning voice creeping through.

"Oh god, you need to drink something, otherwise they'll think we had sex too," Luke said while walking towards the kitchen. I grinned, what a dork. He came back with some water, which I gladly accepted, and sat down next to me. As I silently drank the water Luke spoke up.

"Why do you always fall asleep around me? Am I that boring?" Luke joked and I choked on my water.

"Oh god, sorry," Luke said. And then the doorbell rang. Luke stood up and opened the door. I heard Tia's voice and almost directly after that she was in the living room.

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