Chapter Three:The spark

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The bell went we had sport today I played netball and Talon played football i couldn't talk to him because he went over on the oval netball started and all i could do was stare at Talon playing football to make it harder he had no shirt.

 I got hit in the head with the netball because i couldn't keep my eyes Talon.I stood up and fixed my hair hoping that Talon would notice me.

 I walked over to the oval to watch Talon and then the next thing  I new I was knocked to the ground by guy's jogging and then it happened Talon helped me up and for some reason I felt a connection with him.

Was that the spark and the beginning I wondered. I brushed the dirt off and thanked Talon and told him that I had to go, just because I didn't no what to say to him.

What was I thinking that was so embarrassing.

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