Bella's Point of View

"Hey michael mind if i join you?" I asked. He was currently sitting on the edge of a cliff over looking the back of the isaland and one thing I must admit was that the view was beautiful with the sparkling clear water. With our eyesight you could even see the life swiming around in the reefs miles out.

"Sure" He mumbled.

That was one thing about him he never really spoke much. I took a seat right next to him and i saw him nervously shift away a little through the corner of my eye. "Why stick up for me today?" he surprised me by asking.

"Well to be honest i'm quite tired of Rachal and everone else here excecpt you. I don't they all just give me bad vibes"

"What and i don't?" He asked

"No, Not at all. So Michael how did halix recrut you?"

"Not a very intresting story"

"But it's a story nontheless" I prompted

"Umm... matbe another time. It's not a story i really like to dive into, but i will tell you this. My life was shit, and i was weak. Eventually things got too much. People died and so on"

He stopped to compose himself. "I guess in a way Halix saved me. If you want to see it his way"


"Because there was a time when I wanted everything to stop. The pain, the loss, the emptyness. Can't say much has changed since then, but i have found someting to hold on to.I don't want to be some pawn used in Halix's sick game. I want to leave and try some way to redeem my soul if i even have one." He mummbled

"Hmm you sound like..." My thought trailed off because i wanted to say he sounded like someone but i couldn't tell him who, and suddenly the image of the boy in the medow popped into my head. I hated that menal picture because it cause a strong feeling of hurt and longing?

"Bella... Bella. Hello earth to bella!!"

"Huh oh im sorry what were you saying?"

"I wasn't you were about to tell me who i remnded you of but then you blacked out."

"Oh i was just thinking, but Michael if you don't wish to be here why don't you leave?"

"I doubt halix will just happily let me go. I posses far too much power for him to loose. I see by your expression you have no clue what i can do. I have the power of sight that of which a vampire can't. Sort of like x-ray vision"

"Amazing" I breathed

"Bella what do yo remember of your past?"

"Nothing... but there is this image in my head something that just dosen't feel right. It's of this boy and he's like us i think, but he's sleping and he's in this medow and it's beautiful, and something tells me to go back to him but im running. running away and if i remember correctly it's wth all of you. Michael i don't know why but i need to find this boy. I need to leave. I dont belong here with Halix!!"

"Bella! Bella! shhh!! Do not let ayone hear you say that at all" He whisper yelled

"Why? You, don't want to be here either. Lets leave together. We can disappear in the water they'll loose our scent plase just help me" I begged

"Bella i can't leave and nether can you that's just something your going to have to accept. We are stuck here doomed to fill our duty to the death. However many milenia that shall take"

"No. No i don't believe that and i wont and neither should you. I'm getting off this island and it's going to be with or without you" I stated. I looked into his eyes and knew his answer before he even spoke.

"Bella do you know what this will do? Us leaving like this? Are you prepared because this will start a war between what life you are trying to get back against the one you have now? Nothing will be easy. I have seen him kill covens just for not joining his cause. He has slayed, shredded and ripped his way through anyone who has objected to his plans."

"I am ready. Anything must be better than living a lie and not knowing the truth. I need freedom and apparently so do you, so the ony thing i need to know is are you with me?"

He was quite for a moment. The only thing you could hear was our breathing. "Until the end" he whispered

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