i'm baccccck..

Trey's P.O.V.

I sat behind my wheel, breathing hard.. I can't believe that just happened. Truth is, I've been craving Rocqui's lips since the day I met her, but I had given up all hope of it happening. 

My phone rang, causing me to jump .. "Hello?" I said lying my forehead against the steering wheel. It was my mother "Hey honey, where are you?" 
"Hey mom.. I'm over at Jo and Rocqui's place." I said leaning back and closing my eyes
"Oh honey, are you okay? You sound AWFUL. You've got a performance coming up, you better not be sick! I hope you haven't been smo-.."
"Mom! Nah, its just.. Rocqui might be getting married.."  I said with a sigh. My mom responded with a deep, rich laugh.
"Aldon please, Rocqui won't marry that boy if she's half as smart as I know she is. Thats not her soul mate, not even close." I smiled. 
"Thank you, Mom.. I'm heading to rehearsals now though, I'll call you later. I love you mom, really."
"I love you more." She said and hung up. 

I swiped my hand over my face real quick and left for rehearsal.

I really really hope my Mom is right.

Ryan's P.O.V

 "Mmm, baby stop!" I said to my boyfriend Jai as he kissed up on my neck. "Boy you better stop, I can't afford to have any hickies all up on my neck." I giggled.
"I can't help kissing you baby. If you weren't so busy, I would've put in some work." I laughed.My phone started ringing and when I noticed that it was Rocqui, I elbowed Jai in the stomach and pushed him off of me. "Its my bae, I've got to take this.."Bitch, you hung up on me! Are you okay?" I asked sitting down.
"Gah, Ry' I don't think I am going to make it in today, can you please take care of everything? I'll email you a copy of today's agenda. Please, and I'll pay you overtime." 
"Oh honey, you sound horrible.. why? You're about to get engaged! You should be on top of the world! Some of us can't even get our man to buy us a PROMISE ring." I said looking over at Jai. He rolled his eyes and walked out of the room.
"I know Ry, but I don't know.. I think I've only been with PeeWee all these years because i felt obligated. Like, its comfortable being with him.. at first, it was all love. I loved him to death.. but over the years, I think I've grown tired of him." I took a deep breath.
"Look, Roc .. I'll take care of everything for today, I'll come over when I'm all done but YOU BETTERS STOP F*CKING SULKING. If you feel like you shouldn't marry him, don't. You're a young, beautiful and independent woman. You can find another man EASILY." 
"Thank you sooooo much Ry, I love you so much."
"I love you too honey bun, and remember.. whatever you do decide to do, I'll support you." 

back later with more. Thank you all!

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