Chapter 3

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Alex and Alexandra are going on there first date. Alex is taking Alexandra to see a movie and to Dinner. Alex and Alexandra went to go see a scary movie because he thinks its funny when she's scared and that he protect her.

Trinity and Alexandra

Alexandra: Trinity I'm nervous

Trinity: why?

Alexandra: because this our first date

Trinity: well you should jus be your self.

Alexandra: well I know that lol

Trinity: Lol but don't get scared

Alexandra: how? my heart is beating fast my head is spinning.

Trinity: just calm down take deep breaths

Alexandra: ok one, two, three, four, five

ok I'm calm

Trinity: ok good

Alexandra: ok now its time I have to meet him

Trinity: ok have fun! but not too... fun you know..

Alexandra: TRINITY!

Trinity: Lol

Alex and Alexandra

Alex: well hello beautiful

Alexandra:  well hello to you too handsome

Alex: these are for you

Alexandra:.awwww flowers thank you

Alex: your welcome ready to see the movie.

Alexandra: yes

Alex: ok lets go

Alexandra and Alex walked in and went to the top and sat down

while they were watching the move Alexandra got scared and Alex held her and Alexandra was holding him tight like Alex was a bear

Trinity and Austin

Austin: well since our friends are out what do you want to do?

Trinity: I don't know lets go see a movie?

Austin: ok lets go beautiful

Trinity: Lol okayyy

Alex and Alexandra

after the date

Alexandra: well thanks for the flowers and the movie and dinner.

Alex: your welcome. Lets go to the park

Alexandra: okay

they went to the park and Alex put on music next to the water fall Alex got closer to me then he grabbed my hand and the music was still playing he got up and asked if I would like to dance with him? I said yes Alex and I started dancing around the water fall Alex and I stopped dancing. we looked at each Alex put his hands around me and I put my arms around his neck . Then he pulled me even closer to him then we kissed. while we were kissing his lips was so soft and warm. he kissed so good like wow he's a really good kisser

Austin and Trinity

middle of the movie Austin put his arm around trinity and pulled her close to him then they looked at each other and smiled then they kissed after the movie they held hands. and walked around

Alexandra and Trinity

Alexandra: OMG Alex and I kissed last light! its was great  I'm so happy I can't stop smiling

Trinity omg that's great but Austin and I kissed too!

Alexandra and Trinity AHHHHH!

Alexandra: OMG really

Trinity: yesss

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