Last time moving for now

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From the age of 12 I lived in Mississippi I was still fighting and getting bullied and a used by my family and them getting locked up over and over again thinking to myself I'm just like them I was on a roll in school getting A's & B's nonstop the when I got to the horn lake middle school things changed I was to worried about girls and not my grades but in school I was on the football team and I couldn't wait for practice so in practice I was the shit but a week of practice went by and one day coming home from practice I was held up at gun point and had to give my phone money and jewelry away and I did three months went by my mimed worked from 6 am to 6am the next day and one day she went in early and got home at 7am the next day so Richard threw a party and his friend was so drunk at the party he came to my room and shot a hole in the ground and said give me all your stuff and I did that same very night I went walking a witness a man get shot 12 times and I ran home scared

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