chapter 3

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 When I got to 'The Tree' I found Aaron sleeping. Well i couldn't"t expect much if he was waiting there for a while. 

  "Uh, Aaron Johnson?" I said kinda loudly. He woke up immediately. 

"Autumn Jay Stone?"

"Yep!" We laughed.

"So... What do you want to do? I have an hour." I said as I looked at my watch.


"No, I have to go somewhere."



He stuck his hands in his pockets. This was anther awkward moment. Then I had a little thought. Curfew? I'm in collage man! What if he was a little high school boy trying too-  "I was wondering if I could see that paper that I saved?" He said, looking down on me. Did I tell you? He was a reasonable 3 inches taller than me. I still Don't really know how I feel about that.

"Uh, sure!" I looked through my bag and got out my little drawing folder, and took out the paper. "Here, it's not that good though." I handed the paper to him.

"Wow, this is awesome!" That made me blush. "Well, uh, thanks!"

"Is that more drawings in there? He pointed at my binder. "Yeah! You wanna see them?' "Sure! lets look at them together." Now at this point, I was getting excited. Some free complements on my drawings! 

He opened the binder. He eyes widened. "Wow, you drew all of this?" He asked. Well, uh, yeah, of course. "Yeah. It's not that good though.." I said, trying to not brag or anything. "Well, most of it's good." Most???? That was rude. Even if the whole book was trash, you should still hold back the negative. " Thanks!"

After we were done looking at my drawings, we got up and walked around the park. It was kinda cold so I made sure too walk fast to keep that body heat up. Poor guy, you could see him struggling to keep up.

Well, we stopped by a hot chocolate stand, (which is very cheesy) And while Aaron was trying to catch his breath, bought two hot cocoas. We sat down on a bench.

  The bench was kinda small so we tried to scoot so we both could have some personal space. 

"This is nice." He said. "Yep, nice and warm." I replied. Silence again.

"So, how old are you?" He asked. Oh no, what if he really a little kid???  "Uh, 19. You?" "Cool, I'm 19 too. What month?"   "August, August 30." I replied again. "Wow, I'm August 20." Well, if it isn't a small world. Now this was kinda strange. All I hoped that he was telling the truth about everything. "Thats nice." I responded.

I sipped the last of my drink and and threw my cup away. He did the same.

"So where too now?" I asked. "You wanna go to the playground over there?" He pointed. "Heard it has swings." We both smiled.

Well, found out that we both find swings AMAZING, and believe that the government or whatever should make more.

The swings were fun. After we were done playing around, we swung side be side.       "Oh gosh, I have to go." I said, standing up. "May I ask where to?' He questioned. Oh no, not this question. "Um, well.. It's a support group." He looked at me funny. Hm, now I have to explain the whole thing.

"Okay, It's not that I'm ill, physically, or mentally. I go there and volunteer, to help the people over there, you know?" I fake laughed, trying to calm my weird nervousness.  "Well, I'm not doing anything tonight, mind if I tag along?" He asked. Waaait, what? "Well, sure, if you want to." I replied.

I was wondering in the back of my mind what this guy was thinking. Hopefully he wasn't some creeper trying to abduct me or something. And hopefully, in this case, its okay to talk to strangers.

But I forgot about it seconds later.

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