To Finally Be Free.

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Everything is about control. Created from turmoil and crisis, I wouldn't want to live like this forever. It will never change only to be made complicated in structure a complex prism by design. Filled with shallow people making others hollow, that their always trying to make easy amends that I must never slip, nor ever fall to their devious ploy.

  I do not fear anything that is not me, my understanding of them is the ultimate key to maintain my ignorance of them. They ask me to change myself for themselves? Never, I say! NEVER! The very thought of individual self-destruction to be reconstructed to the collective narrative sends shivers down my spine. My Life fragile it is, is mine alone. Life creates many clever lies; love an always fleeting lure of selfish desires, made to seem as a choice of individual bartering of oneself into perpetual need of another. In essence LOVE is slavery, it is Loyal Obedience in one’s Voluntary Enslavement to another, but made pretty with flowers, chocolate, and half assed poetry made from mundane minds of mediocrity

  I will never drag myself to their traps, I will never break myself in need of them, I will never cry in anguish of their imposed guilt, making me feel shameless in my addiction to their ego, to make me feel needed only to have my mind, body, and soul consumed, blinded by foolish loyalty. I would rather die lonely then to regret living a hollowed lie. Death has always been the key left in your cell. Don’t care anymore how it will end or where it will go. For one to be brave they must hold the courage to take that very Key and to finally be free...

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