Come back to me An Amuto Story

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Hey guys! I'm getting into the whole school thing going on and I'm not liking it. I DON WANNA GO❗️。・°°(_)°°・。

Oh yeah, a certain some one made me annoyed with a Korean song called "americano", and she knows who I'm talking about.

(FYI, this chapter is going to be short.)


In the morning...

"Ikuto, Ikuto, IKUTO!", I whispered scream at him.

"I'm up, I'm up", Ikuto said.

"Ok, now let's activate operation "

couple woken shock". Amu said sinisterly. "Ikuto, what time is it."

"Adventure time?", Ikuto answered.

"No silly, I'm talking about real life time".

It's 5:04".

"Ok, go!"


I warned you it would be short. So, what so you guys think will happen when they wake the sleeping couple.
Plz comment!
Well, that's all, so later!

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