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Short chaper i know but next one will be longer. Pinkie promise. I'm trying to get used to Canada but it's going pretty good.


I walked into my apartment immediately stripping out of Liams shirt and putting it over the heating stove. I had about 35 minutes to shower and pack before this whole place was up in flames.

After showering and packing my limited belongings I looked at my place. The powerful smell of smoke should lead them off my trail. Just long enough for me to disappear. There was a nagging part of me that wanted to stay. This part wanted me and Liam to be together and fall in love then have lots of pups running around. Then another part of me knew I didn't deserve that part. Time to move on for the better. Where to this time? Hmm... I'll figure it out once I get to the train station.

Planes just took extra time I didn't have.

I walked the few miles to the station and bought my ticket straight to California. He wouldn't be able to find me with all the tanning sprays and bleached hair would he? I could just get lost in everything. Forget about everything. I took a seat on one of the waiting benches in the farthest corner. I couldn't make any mistakes. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. My chest ached. At first only a dull thump but now it was a full on punch in my chest. It felt like someone was in there using my heart as a punching bag. God why did this hurt so much? I have left everything behind but a boy was my undoing?

Then it hit me. We had s*x. We mated. I was only half way attached to him but that was more attachment then I had felt in a long time. It hurt to be so far from him. To not be in his strong arms. To not have him smiling down at me. To being alone.

Stop it Emma. You need to get over it and move on. I then realized my wolf had been quiet for way too long. She has been quiet since Liams girlfriend showed up. I could feel her in me just laying there. She missed her mate. I had to admit I did to. There was no shutting off my emotions from the inside, but god did I wish there were.

Why did my heart decide to fall for something it knew we couldn't have. I mean I suppose its not her fault. Maybe the moon goddess just loved to play games with me. I bet she wanted to see me suffer for...well just being me.

"Train to Fremont, California boarding now!" Said a rough old voice from the intercom. I stood up slowly grabbed my bag and walked to the train. This is it. I'm walking away now.

I started walking slower and slower. Why was I postponing the inevitable? I was gonna end up alone anyways so why not leave while I still somewhat OK? Why not walk away when I have the chance. It's not like I haven't done it before. I walk away all the time. So why was this harder even with half the mating bond?

'Cause you love him already.' My wolf muttered softly for the first time in a long time.

I was shocked, she wasn't much of a talker so when she did she was usually right.

Did I love him? That was stupid I couldn't love him right? It was too soon right?

'Who said loving someone had a time limit?' She growled putting her paw over her snout and taking what could only presume was another nap. She has been sleeping a lot the last few years. This was the first time she ever argued with one of my decisions. She must want this and I kinda did too. Well more then kinda, I craved this. Craved him.

I looked at the train in front of me and smiled. This was the going to be the stupidest thing I have ever done. And I've done some stupid stuff. I couldn't help but let out a chuckle. I have always ran from somethng that I knew would hurt me but here I was running right to it. Liam Kenington what are you doing to me? I ran from the train. Ran from freedom into the demanding life as a Luna but in that moment it felt like the exact opposite.

I just hope Liam is still willing to put up with my mess of a life.

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