Chapter 2 - I Want It

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" SooJung.... You never fail to seduce me even when you're not doing anything "

Sulli said a bit of tune. She started to caress her abs,moving her hands back and forth,tracing the lines that device her abs using her nails of the sleeping Krystal who doesn't even feel or notice Sulli.

She leaned closer,moving her face closer on Krystal's sensitive neck,then sends hot breaths in it,still tiredness and stress are slowly fading away.She moved her shirt and threw it on side

" Sulli? "

Krystal got awake and saw Sulli almost on top of her totally naked.

" Since when did you come back? "

She asked, ignoring what Sulli is doing to her just let her touch her abs.

" Hm? "

Sulli wasn't able to answer as she smells Krystal's scent through her earlobe, down to her neck.

" Chocolates.... you used it again don't you? "

Krystal pushed her back a bit and sits up on the bed

" Aren't you tired? You shoot a commercial all day "

She asked in worries. But Sulli didn't even reply and just looking at Krystal with a dirty look on her face. Her eyes wondered to her head, down to her abs and finally down to her thighs.

" SooJung..... don't wear that pyjama next time, you're driving me in. And your perfume use marshmallow scent next time, i like it better than chocolates "

Sulli whispered on her ears and pushed her back gently on the bed ates

" I miss doing this you know. i've been waiting for this nigt, just the two of us in this dark room. It's been a week, don't blame of me if i'm not that good anymore "

Sulli slowly went on top of Krystal as she puts her hands travelled inside.

" Sul... , let's do this next time alright? "

Krystal tried to beg her to stop,

" You'll just kill yourself with this "

Instead of complying, Sulli didn't listen to her girlfriend, she lightly kissed Krystal's lips, telling her she's doing it now and about to start the session


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