A poem I wrote

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I just want to be able to say I got through it.

It’s like you’re at the bottom of a really deep hole, you can see the sun shining but you cannot reach it.

It’s wanting to scream so loud but no one can hear.

It’s feeling alone like you have to “suffer in silence” because of today’s society.

It’s being constantly torn between wanting to stay the same and wanting recovery and wanting to be free.

It’s the constant feeling of being empty and not the type you feel when you’re hungry.

It’s hoping that things will get better.

It’s faking smiles and pretending.

It’s wanting help but not having the courage to ask for it.

It’s battling your demons.

It’s not wanting to be judged by people around you.

It’s comforting in a sick way.

It’s feeling guilty and ashamed.

It’s feeling numb.

It’s not having the energy to do things.

It’s losing pleasure in activities you once took pleasure in.

It’s having nothing to look forward to.

It’s not having the strength to get out of bed in the morning not because you are lazy but because you just don’t see the point in having to face another day.

It’s like there’s fog all around you.

It’s wanting something to live for.

It is depression.

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