Lessons From The Student

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Hollie's POV

Okay so today in class I got yelled at by the teacher for explaining how hamlet wasn't a food buffet. I know that the teachers at the school just want to cuss but their not allowed to, only one would ever cuss though. Mr. Wyoming's. Most people expected him to be Chinese because well, it's a pretty native name that one never understands. But everyone was disappointed when he didn't at all look like he was Chinese, they were smart and this man was.. our teacher.

Then it moves on to the lesson of homework there's not really an excuse for it unless it involves you bleeding a lot, even with a broken arm there was no stopping the teacher from setting a giant F in front of the desk. Each word meant something.

A- A good smart Ass.

B- Not good enough Bitch.

C- Suck a dick Cunt.

D. Depression is a choice DickHead.

E- Excellent because you're not a grade.

F- You are Fucked.

Excuse my harsh and foul language but the truth must be let out, teachers know they can't cuss so they cuss through the grades. Which is smart. But I'm smarter; the students always are, if teachers were really smart they would realize that we don't care about what your saying. All my life my math teachers have been a bunch of W-H-A-L-E-S







But I guess some Math teachers are okay.
I believe that if the W in whores if gonna be silent, then it shouldn't be there at all, it's just trying to steal the spotlight that I just put H in. Hold your applause. Anyways. Now that I'm done talking. It is time for lunch.

Today we have barf chicken sandwiches and chunky milk. I sat in front of my three friends, Honey, Zack, And Rugby. Why are their names like that. Honey's parents care a lot for bees there is no doubt. And Rugby's real name is unknown to history because he himself is afraid that the government might find out and track him, Zack? He is just that friend who is really hot but you don't date him because. I don't know, who knows? he could possibly be gay, if so I'm smiling wide. " Did you get tickets to the Concert?" Honey asked, twirling the odd strands of her rainbow died hair. Now I'm pretty tired of the letter H so since I'm doing this whole thing I'm calling honey, Darling now. "Not yet. But we could sneak back stage." I stated looking at my best friends, aren't they just amazing. No they will not always side with you but that's called having a friend and being able to deal with it. "No. You know I hate that. Last time we climbed over a fence and my under wear got caught." Suddenly both Zack and Rugby bursted out laughing, But darling didn't at all find it funny. "ONE DIRECTION SAW MY TELLIE TUBBIES UNDIES! THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO LAUGH!!" She yelled, slamming her hands on the table, staring at the two, who kept silent after that. Darling was pretty intimdating, I liked that about her. "Did you know that if you combine the names of the five seconds of summer people that you get C.L.A.M?" Rugby stated out of no where, we all looked over at him, pause for something stupid to come out of his mouth. But there was nothing, Why? Because there will always be a moment where someone that is not smart will say something completely off topic.

"Calum. Luke. Ashton. Michael." We all muttered a few surprised ohh's nodding slightly. "We should tell them that when Calum and I get married in the sun." Darling stated sighing happily, we all furrowed our eyebrows. "Why in the sun..?" Zack asked tapping his fingers against the table. "Because. The sun is the perfect time when we get in the heat of the moment." She stated giggling happily.

My best friend was obsessed with the four aussie's and we were going to see them in concert tomorrow, may the god of embarrassment not rain on our sunshine on that day. Which brings me to another lesson, See in highschool everyone has something their obsessed with, my current obsession was myself because I am friggin hot. "That is the stupidest idea I have ever heard."
Wrong Choice of Words Hun.

While our idiotic friend was being pummeled by our once innocent friend Darling, Rugby and I talked about how sweet she used to be before, until we stepped into the picture.

Yes, We took her sweet virginity.

She was like this when we first met her.
"But this hoe pushed me into the wall." Darling whined to her middle school teacher as she sat in AC. In the back, a boy eyes looked at the red headed girl sitting right next to him.
"She said my hair wasn't fucking normal. Crusty ass." Darling muttered, the teacher ignored her walking right past the annoyed girl.
"Mr. Hubby-" Suddenly she was caught off by a shush. Her eyes looked over, seeing Rugby, secretly playing a game on his phone.
"Excuse me-" Another shush came in again.
Darling then sent him a glare, but his eyes were focused on the video game.
"He's only trying to help." A boy murmured, flickering his eyes downwards at his homework, not exactly understanding the confusing equation that laid on the pale white photo.
Her eyes went towards the boy, noticing he had been one of the most popular guys in school.
Zachary Delarosa.
"I mean, I know you have a reputation but-"
"I'm Honey-Darling and you're are the first nigga to stand up to me."
"But I'm white."
"Okay you can shut the fu-"
Suddenly Rugby shushed again.

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