Chapter 13

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We rode to my house in silence I was so nervous i didn't know what i was gonna say to my dad once i entered the house.

I went in as the cops took there positions

"Hey princess how ya doing" my dad said hugging me tight.

  "Hi dad um I want you to listen to something "

"ok" I played the recording of Tiffany confessing everything he got angry and turned red

"Give me that Aaliyah! " he yelled chasing me. This was a side of my daddy i never seen before.

"Admit it daddy you were having sex with your own daughter and got her pregnant then you killed my brother! " i screamed.

"I had to protect the family babygirl"he said. Tasha walked in with a gun

"Get away from her Wayne " she demanded

"Tasha?" I said confused.

"You scared my little girl for life your not gonna do it to her too " She said holding the gun

"Ace was gonna take Aaliyah away i had to stop him" my dad pleaded.


"POLICE GET DOWN ON THE GROUND" the cops ran in to arrest my dad i slid to the floor crying when Detective Omar came to comfort me

"It's ok your brother is at rest now you did good" he said patting my back..  I never thought my dad would do such thing.


They took my dad outside to face the whole neighborhood everybody was standing outside watching the whole thing i felt like i was in a Lifetime movie this seemed so unreal. I walked out the house unharmed I seen Darrell,Iggy,Typooh and Josh standing on the side with the other people. They ran up to me

"Im sooo sorry boo" Iggy said hugging me.  Keyvon joined in on the hug we all hugged for a lil minute. Then josh came up to me

"come on ma lets go you don't need too see this" he said as

the news reporters started Reporting  what just happened. We drove in slience back to his house once we got there i went straight to the room and laid down i was just numb My daddy is a killer and a rapist. Josh came and wrapped his arms around me and placed his chin on my head "It's gonna be ok ma" he said.  I didn't say nothing i just went to sleep..

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