Miss Adler's sad face wasn't a good sight for Holmes and he narrowed his eyes at her,not so angrily but sweetly in order for her to spill the case.

"M.My..My aunt,Mrs. Domique is dead."She stuttered and sniffed few of her tears with her cream laced handkerchief elegantly.

Holmes observed her actions and shifted uncomfortably in his place for he is not good at encouraging and talking to people who are emotionally drained in front of him.Miss Adler took this as her cue and continued..

"Mrs. Domique had called up the dry cleaning company earlier yesterday as they were procrastinating in delivering the suits she had given them.The guy from the company named "Tom" was the one who reached her house in his truck and stopped it in the driveway.Before barging in he decided to check his records to see where else he has to go after here.For this he took almost 5-6 minutes.As he closed the truck door,he noticed his front wheels were parked on the garden hose pipe which ran from an outlet by the garage around to the back of the house.Tom claimed he got back into the truck and drove forward a few feets so that his engine was in the Domique's empty garage.Here he noticed there was a figure lying on the floor and decided to check."She replied,voice decreasing at the end.

"And..?"Holmes inquired out of his curiosity.

"He saw Mrs. Dominique lying on the floor lifeless.After some time Mr. Dominique came to inquire as to why was a truck parked in his garage as he had a holiday from his work today.He saw the same thing and was left tongue-tied."

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