Alas, my friends and other animals.

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The next time I wake up it's already 11. I swing my legs over the edge of the bed and prop my weight onto my feet as I stand up still a bit shaky. I walk towards the bathroom, on the way stopping to witness how absolutely horrid my hair looks. As I step into the bath cabin. I turn on the shower, and feel the water pour onto my barren body.I had always loved water, in every form, everywhere. The ocean, specifically. It brought me peace. Being near or in water, though I can't swim. After taking a nice warm bath. I change into a pair of jeans and a tank top. As I make my way into the living room of our luxurious, rich apartment which I absolutely love, I turn on the TV. And The Notebook is on. I walk over to the open kitchen and grab two pieces of toast from the fridge and place them into the toaster meanwhile I make myself a glass of orange juice. The toaster bell rings and I go over and pull out the toasts which are so hot that they almost burn my fingers. My reflexes, usher my hands into dropping the toasts onto my plate and I start to blow onto hands. Damn it!

Finally I settle down on the sofa and start watching the movie. I am so engrossed in it surprisingly though since I don't even like, that the only time I am distracted by anything in my house is when I hear sooner knock the door of the apartment. I trudge over to the door not wanting to miss the part where Noah and Ally slow dance on the road. Because that is my only favourite thing about the movie. I open the door. Alice and Virginia walk through practically shouting at each other "The Kardashians are beauty icons". "Listen to yourself Alice, fake boobs and nose jobs aren't beauty. Okay?"

So typical, Alice and Virginia being Alice and Virginia.

Alice, Virginia, Dexter, Jamie, Jake ,Harry, Nathan and I. The bunch of popular kids around school. So stereotypical. Though Harry and Dexter don't go to school with the rest of us, they live in the building next door . Alice and Virginia live at Alice's place a few streets behind our apartment. Jamie and Jake are brothers, so one would deduce from the commonness of J, A and Es.

" I mean look at Sawyer, she has the right amount of everything" I snap back as I hear my name, I don't even know what they're talking about now. Virginia gets up and pulls me towards my full length mirror. "See, the right amount of hair, the right amount of ass and just the best amount of chest puberty had hit her. " I look at Virginia completely grossed out. But it's true, I think. I stare at my medium length of wavy brown hair, and turn to my left and look at the curves. What the...I'm not going to check myself out like a complete pervert. Nah-uh. I look away. Virginia has that half smirk on her face.

" Hey where's that little thing today. " Alice asks.

" Oh Ellie? She didn't come over today." I answer knowing she might be asking about Ellie since Ellie is the only thing she hates about coming over.

" Tell me she didn't catch you guys doing it" Virginia emphasises on the doing part and winks at me.

" God, no. You know Virginia we're not really horny 13 year olds. We don't do it all the time."

"I wouldn't blame you of you did. I mean I know it's difficult containing yourself around Nathan." Virginia says. Since Virginia has dated nearly all the jokes and slept with almost all the boys at school, Nathan was just one of the jokes she had dated.

" Virginia I am not discussing my intimate moments with Nathan right now" I smile.

So we all sit quietly and watch The Notebook.

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