Go Away

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Jenny POV

I Haven't Talked To Miyah, Chris And August Since That Kiss Me And August Had Last Week. They Been Calling, Texting Even Stopping By But I Just Ignore Everyone And Everything. I Feel So Embarrass It's So Embarrassing Kissing For At Least 30 Minutes, It's Embarrassing My Two of my Best Friends Sat There Smiling In My Face, And It's Embarrassing Falling In Love. Yes That Kiss Made My Feelings For August MADD Deep! I Mean Like Damn Really A Kiss.. But Everytime I Looked Into August's Eyes I Can See Someone Different From All The Other Niggas That Cheated. I Can See Love I Can See "I Will Never Hurt You" In His Eyes. I Can See Please Be Mine In His Eyes. I'm Just Scared. I'm Not Scared Of Anyone! Nothing! But Love! I Been Hurt Way To Many Times.. And All The Niggas Want Sex.. But As You Can See I'm Still A Virgin Soo I Haven't Gave It Up Yet. I Want To Give My Most Special Thing In My Life To Someone Who Imma Love And Stay Wit My Whole Life. Marry And Have Babies By. I Guess Imma Have Ta Wait. Iknow I'm 21 And I'm Just Starting Life But I Need Love.

August POV

I've Been Trying Ta Call Jenny For A Whole Damn Week. I Mean I Really Like Ol' Girl! I Think I Love Her. That Kiss Got Me Feeling Some Type Of Way. And The Way She Kissed Me I Just Knew She Was A Virgin. And I Wanna Be The First Nigga She Gives It Up To. Iknow It's One Of The Most Special And Important Thing In Girls So With Jenny I Want To Be Her First And Only! That Night When Miyah And Chris Opened The Door Right After She Looked At Miyah And Chris She Look At Me Directly Into My Eyes. I Could See She Was Hurt, Embarrassed, SCARED! Even Though She's A Thug I Still Can See In Her Eyes She Was Scared Of Love. Once We Get Together Officially I Will Most Definitely Love Her. I Will Not Cheat And I Will Take Great Care Of Her. I Never Been In A Real Relationship. Honestly I Always Fuck And Duck But With Jenny It's Very Different. I'm A Man Obviously I Wanna Fuck Her But Before All That I Wanna Get To Know Her And Stay With Her. Maybe Even Wife Her. I Don't Know I'm Only 21 So I'm Still Starting Life So Let's Live It To The Fullest. Imma Call Chris Ta See Hows Jenny Doing Cuz Since They Are Like Brother And Sister BestFriends I Wanna See What's Up.

Chris - Wussup Nigga?

Me - Nothing Much Just Thinking About Jenny, You Know I Haven't Heard From Her Since That Day We Kissed.

Chris - Yeah Mayne, Me And Miyah Haven't Talked To Her Since That Day Too. We Even Tried To Stop By Her House To Check On Her No Answer. We Called And Texted A Million Time Still No Respond From Her. This World Is Getting Very Bad Without Her, Ya Know.

Me - Damn Mayne, I Honestly Miss Her Like For Real!

Chris - For Real Though! I Miss My Baby Girl. Me And Miyah Been Really Upset. Miyah Been Crying And Shit. I Can't Even Write Shit Anymore. My Baby Girl Always Had Me In A Mood To Write When She's Around Us.. I Miss Her And I Wish Her Stubborn Ass Will Come Back.

There Was A Awkward Silents Between Us. Until I Spoke.

Me - Look Mayne Ima Call You Back Imma Get My Baby Back.

He Laughed.

Chris - Haha Nigga Ight Have Fun.

Me - Hol'on Chris Whas Her Address?!

Chris - ha Nigga Imma Text It To Ya Bye.

I Hung Up And Thought For A Minute Should I Just Stop By Or Bring A Little Sum Sum...

2 Hours Later I Showed Up At Jenny's House I Took A Deep Breathe And Knocked. There Wasnt A Peekhole She Cant Look Though. As I Heard The Locks Unlock My Heart Start Beeting Fast As Hell. She Swung The Door Opened And Paused. "Jenny?" I Asked "A-A-August.?" She Mumbled. " Why Are You Here?!" She Yelled " Because I Really Miss You." I Started Looking Then Back At Her She Was Blushing.. "Look Jenny Im Sorry If I Did Anything Wrong In That Kiss. But Eveytime I Look At You I Just Wanna Kiss You I Swear Iknow I Sound Crazy But Im So Serious. When You Was Telling Me About That Last Nigga And That You Killed Him, You Had A Nigga Thinking Like Why The Fuck Would He Cheat And I Will Neva Do That Ta You Baby. When You Pulled Away From To Kiss I Swear When You Looked Into My Eyes All I Saw Was Scared, Hurt And Embarrassed. I Sorry But I Had Ta Do It. Just Please Give Me A Ch-" I Got Cut Off By Her Kissing Me. That Moment I Knew She Forgives Me, Maybe Shes Ganna Give Me A Chance. I Deepen The Kiss As She Tried Ta Step Back. I Picked Her Up And Carried Her In Her House Locking The Door. Then I Carried Her To The Couch And We Was Just Making Out. She Pulled Away From The Hour Of Us Kissing Then Looked Down. I lift Her Chin Making Her Face Me. " Okay Jenny Baby I Know Youre Scared Trust Me I Know. But Do You Wanna Be My Girl?" I Asked Her Looking Directly Into Her Eyes. She Nodded And Smiled Showing Off Her Dimples. I Leaned In To kiss Her But She Moved Her Head. "August We Are Now Together Are We Just Ganna Kiss Our Whole Relationship?" She Asked. I Smile "So You Wanna Do More Then Kiss?" I Asked Smirking. She Laugh And Hit My Arm. "Shut Up. I Wanna Go See Miyah And Chris." She Said Smiling I Nodded And Stood Up. "Wait Nigga Damn I Gotta Take A Shower I Look Like A Hot Mess!" She Yelled "You Look Beautiful" I said Smiling

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