Chapter 2: The Dream

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I twist the knob and slowly crept open the door, asusual dad's doing his usual routine, slump on a couch.

"You came home early today, did you brought back some booze?" dad said with a lousy deep voice.

"I only paid the bills, no booze today dad, got fired twice and got kicked out of school" I said clumsily tosing my bag away.

"I don't care if you got fired, I want what I want!" dad yelled.

"I can't give you the thing you want!? I don't have any money left! I've already paid it for the bills!!" I yelled back.

Dad stood up with an irritated face, because of the alcohol that he always drank his belly began to expaned, he got an extra chin that has never been shaved, his shirt was always messy, and his dirty brown hair looks so dark "Then do something!!" he scolded.

"I can't do anything! I lost two jobs and I haven't got my salary yet!! What do you want? Poop money!"

"If it's necessary then yes!"

"Dad can you atleast stop drinking for one day!?" I yelled trying to change the pooping subject away.

"Look if you know that I need one, then instead on paying for the bills you should have bought some alcohol!!"

"We will lose a home if I only waste the money for you!"

"I don't care! All I wanted is what I wanted and not a paid rent!" Dad yelled, he covered his forehead with his palm, he suddenly walk towards my stuff, he pulled out a huge black bag and stuff my clothes inside it.

"What are you doing?" I asked "Those are my stuff!"

"You have to learn your lesson Alex" He said zipping the bag and carried it towards the door.

"Dad give it to me!" I ordered pulling the bag away from him but he was too strong and wont let go of it, we were like playing a tug of war, both of us looked like idiots. With dad's one mighty pull my hand had lost it's clutch on the bag that cause myself to stumbled down on the ground.

"As a father, I need to teach my child a lesson" he threw the bag outside the open door and it hit the yellow wall infront of it, the bag exploded with clothes and pillows that belongs to me "And it's to always obey what your father want" he said pulling my sleeves (and me) outside then pushed me out "You'll be staying outside until you learn your lesson!"

"Dad!" I yelled, I ran towards the door but he already shut it closed, my hand started banging it while calling dad's name, Kristopher, to open it but no sign of actions showed up.

For hours I banged the door with my bare hands and it started to sore I became tired of it, I notice that some poeple are peeking through their doors and windows examining me, I shot a few evil glance at them and they slammed the door and the window curtains shut.

I sat againts the wall and rested my head on it, I turned my head towards my stuff and slowly put them all inside the bag, the place is getting dark and they'll be closing the lights at 8, I layed down the floor and positioned the bag as my pillow, it didn't bother much since I've always sleep on floors, still it was uncomfortable because the floor was freezing cold. Not too long the lights began to dim and as soon as it gets dark I slowly drifted away.

I was having a nice dream....

I was freely running through a meadow with bare feet, I feel every softness of the soil and the smoothness of the leaves, I wore a white beautiful dress and a flower was hanging on my ear. I never saw myself so beautiful and elegant, a boy was chasing me happily with bare foot, he was wearing a white T-shirt and pants though his face was blur and unsean.

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