#2 I want you to stay

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I Want You To Stay

Don't let go!

Even if it hurts,

I want you to stay!

I can't breathe without you're touch.

I don't want you to go again.

I know this may be hard,

But we can pick up the broken -pieces.

We can find a way,

To put them back together again.

I don't want to be without you!

I don't want to see your smile fade!

Please come back here,

Because I'm scared the distance will - tear you away!

All I ask is that you stay!

We can sort this whole mess out,

There's no need for you to go!

Can't you tell that I still want you?

I won't give up on this,

Because it's so important that you -stay.

Don't just run off!

You need to come back here straight - away!

By Chloe Morley

(A/N: I don't even know! I started writing okay... This was what happened, sorry it's not that good.<3)

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