(Logan's P.O.V.)

Jenni hopped out of the car, ran toward me, and jumped. I caught her and twirled her, she pulled me in for a tight squeeze and felt tears running down my right collar bone.

"Oh my god, I've missed you soo much Logan. I've missed you soo fucking much." She repeated only squeezing three times as hard this time. I gently put her down, knowing that if I have her stumble or put her down roughly she will most likely smack me so hard my entire head would screw off. That was what made Jenni so special. She was the most girliest girl you can ever meet but if you start fucking with her. She WILL brake somebody's mouth. How I missed her sociopathic ass.

Shawn slowly walked toward me and pulled me in for one of the most manliest yet feminine hugs I have ever had.

"S-Sup Logan." It might have been my imagination but I could have sworn I heard Shawn's voice crack as if he was about to cry too. While still in his embrace I say, "Damn Shawn, I missed you soo much." I saw while fist pumping him. I honestly don't remember the last time us 3 called each other by our actual names. Knowing perfectly well that the reason his voice cracked was because this was a sympathetic moment, I couldn't let this opportunity fly away. I flick his Adam's Apple.

"Finally hitting puberty bruh." Thus bringing the trio back to reality. He shoves me in a brotherly manner and sucks his teeth with a smile on his face. We all walk back inside and go in my room.

"Come on put a shirt on and shoes, were going to eat." Jenni says in an excited manner.

I reach in a box, pull out a pair of black socks and put them on along with my Lebron slides that I manage to find in there. I walk to the bathroom quickly and put on some deodorant. Jenni and Shawn meet me in the front of my bathroom, tossing me a shirt. I put it on while adjusting my beanie once more knowing I moved it. I sprayed some cologne and headed out. I locked the door and as I walk to the car I notice that Jenni and Shawn are staring right at me. I look around in bewilderment,

"What? Is my beanie sideways?" I ask in confusion. They both laugh and Jenni shoves me in the passenger side.

"Just get in the car Barbie." I chuckle and close the door while Jenni and Shawn happily get in. Jenni driving of course. I text Jordan:

>To: Jordan< Hey, We're going to eat.

>From: Jordan< Alright, Ill call you in a bit. CALL MOM.

And so I did call my mom. She sounded excited to talk to me but realistically speaking, she was faking it and I had no interest in the conversation. Were fed up with each other. We just need a break to ourselves to contemplate and actually gain enough interest to build an "actual" conversation. I told her to tell my Dad, i say hi. He was the last person I wanted to speak to and everyone knew it. He has always had this burning hatred for me. Could it be because I'm bisexual? Because I chose to live with Jordan? Because I came out more like mom? Whatever it was, I didn't care.

People's opinions don't mean anything to me. Same goes for Shawn and Jenni. We could care less about what other people think of us. That's exactly why were best friends. Because we do us and we couldn't give three shits what people have to say. That also may be one of the reason's why my parents were constantly mad at me. Because I didn't act the way they wanted me to. Funny isn't it, they think they're doing me any good by sending me to go live with Jordan. However the joke is on them because they are only pushing their nonchalant son away from them, and they will regret it. Then at the end of the day it all boils down to just 3 words. "I don't care."

So I said my "goodbye's" and gave my "I love you's." Even though they meant nothing because both of us just said for the hell of it. Not like  we actually meant it. Well at least I did. You see, they may be the biggest ass holes known to walk on this god forsaken planet, but they were my parents and for some strange and odd reason. I loved them. I just didn't bother showing like I meant it.

"So where are we going?" I ask out of curiosity.

"I say Wing Stop." Jenni offers while Shawn agrees.

"Umm, aren't we gonna get breakfast?" I ask

"Bitch it's 1:24pm. I don't think it's exactly time for breakfast. Plus, you know your ass be craving some hot ass Buffalo wings." Shawn remarks as Jenni and I start laughing. Jenni blast the radio through the speakers and we all start jamming out while on the way to Wing Stop. We all loved music, any type of music actually. We loved dancing too.

As we get there we all munch out. Jenni and Shawn didn't let me pay and Shawn didn't let Jenni pay. SO turns out it was on him. We stayed there for about 3 hours, laughing, joking, messing around. We missed each other and we practically kept on ordering wings. This time me and Jenni paying. But damn, we we were hungry.

When we got home we were all a bit exhausted. So we went in my room and knocked out on my bed. I'm laying in the middle. Jenni nuzzled up close on my arm and Shawn was laying down side ways with his feet on top of me and Jenni. I heard as Jenni and Shawn dozed off. I grabbed my phone and sent a text to Jordan.

>To: Jordan< Hey Jordan, we just got home and were going to take a nap on my bed. So don't bother writing back because I am probably sleeping by the time you read this. Before you ask, Yes I did call mom. It was pointless. We had the same stale conversations that we had when I lived with them. I don't know why you continue to have me do this. Do you not understand my mom doesn't love me and my dad literally hates me. POINTLESS. I'm just doing it to keep you satisfied. Anyway I'm out.

And before I knew it, I was completely knocked out.

Okay guys, I hoped you like it. Now you have a bit of a backdrop of Logan. And now you know who his two best friends were. I will be updating very soon. Also, get ready because you are going to find out some interesting things. In the next chapters is when I begin to mix them with Scott McCall, Derek Hale, and the rest of their pack. Plus, I will definatley be adding different P.O.V.'s. I know it got boring but bear with me please. A little bird told me Chapter 3 will be VERY intriguing. PLEASE, Votee! Anyway Goodnight. Oh and if you follow me I will follow you back. Especially on Instagram. Follow my Personal account and my Teen Wolf account: Cdiem_   and   _Bruh_YouCantGoBack

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