The Paper

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Eren was late to class for the very first time throughout the first two month of school started. English class was about 30 minutes in and he didn't want to go to the office to grab a slip. He entered the class gasping for air.

"Ahh Mr. Jeager, it's nice to see you here but you're late."

"Yes I know that Mrs."

"Take your seat. You can get the first part of the notes from your neighbor."

He fast walked to his desk and sat down. Eren took out his notebook and a pen and started to jot down the second part of the notes that were on the board. The whole class was just taking notes on Grammatical issues that are always happening in essays. When class ended he didn't even need to say anything to Levi, he just the first part of the notes to him. On top of the paper it had a post-it

''Don't you dare spill anything on this piece of paper. If you do you will regret it."

With that he just walked away without another word. I put the paper in my binder and walked out of class to call Armin.

"Hey Armin, where you at?"

"I'm by the gym."

"Stay right there. Do not move."

"Okay bye."

He sprinted to the gym which really wasn't that far from his class but he didn't want him to be standing there alone. When he got there he was on his phone probably on ifunny as usual. Armin saw Eren and jogged towards him.

"What took you so long?" Armin asked.

"I had to write some notes that I missed."

~After school~

They finally got home and went straight to their rooms. Once Eren got to his, he took out the paper and left it on top of his binder. He was feeling a bit hungry so he went down to get some food. When he came back up he didn't know where he was stepping and well the drink that he had spilled on Levi's paper and binder.

"Fuck I'm screwed! How am I going to fix the paper!? I can't give it to him dirty!"

After a while of fighting with himself he decided to rewrite everything and give him the new copy instead.


*A.N.* Honestly guys I'm so so so sorry that I haven't updated at all. I've been really busy at school and I'm also working on my other book AgronaxJeff the Killer Fanfic. So please forgive me!!

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