Home for a while

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The plane journey isn't boring. The time we have to wait is 3 hours until we get to LA. It is fun though. Marcus and I play card games for a while. Joe and Jess are sleeping.

Then I sleep while Marcus eats from the lady with the food who he describes pretty but not Jennifer. We also look at who we are going to be meeting in LA, the youtubers. The booklet we were given says:

The youtubers your meeting :

Niomi Smart - a youtuber with grace and beauty. Kind and if you need to talk, she's there. Single, so if you need a girlfriend.... She's here! She has over 2 million subscribers. She's respected and you gotta love her! Does vlogs.

Tanya Burr - a youtuber interested with beauty. She has her own products, like the Tanya burr lip gloss. She's kind and a great friend if needed. In a relelation ship with the youtuber Jim Chapman. Does vlogs.

Jim Chapman - a man with a love for Tanya Burr. You can laugh with him, tease him and he won't get mad. He's a great mate to talk to and ask about girls, since he has his princess! Always know that he's there to talk to and ask questions to. Does vlogs.

Casper lee - Casper is a single, funny guy. He does love a prank and a very good joke and laugh. Talking to him couldn't be easier! He's also trying to seek a roommate so if you want! Does vlogs, and only started a youtuber a few months ago, with a whooping 2 million.

Alfie Deyes - a kind guy with a lot of funny quotes. Need a chat? Go to him. He's single and ready for a girlfriend, but says he's shy towards any girl he likes. That's our Alfie! Does vlogs and has 2 million followers! Gotta love that Alfie!

Marcus Butler - a sweep guy with a love for active games or action..... Involving a TV! He's got great advise and loves to chat! 2 million and he's single. WOW! Single ladies, get involved! He's nice and kind and serious when you need him! Does vlogs.

Joe Sugg - the funniest guy ever. Need to be cheered up, go find Joe. He's not single, in a relelation ship with someone called Jess Davis. Jess isn't a youtuber but you will meet her on the trip unless they haven't broken up. Does vlogs and has a sister called um um ZOE SUGG! You gotta love him, talking to him couldn't be easier!!

Zoey Sugg - the best of all! She's single and has 5 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! This is insane! She's so kind and sweet, doesn't need asking to help twice! She is beautiful and lovely. We love our amazing Zoe! Can't ask for anything more in a girl guys. Does vlogs and is incredible at her videos... 5 million! She can make us laugh of course!

Sprinkleofglitr (Louise) will not be on the trip since she has just had a baby girl called Darcy.

Choose your likes ;)

"Wow, I'm a sweep guy!" Marcus laughs, staring at the booklet.

"I'm the flipping best of all" I grin feeling happy.

Marcus grins at me. "I know, we each have to choose a boy and girl that we like. Girl to date, boy to talk to and be friends with. The other way around for you!" Marcus says excitedly.

"Okay but don't get too cocky, you have Jennifer yes?" I sternly say to him.

Marcus nods. I grin. "Me first." Marcus nods again and leans forward. "I'm all ears."

"Okay." I look up and think. "For girl..... I choose....."

I sigh. Niomi sounds lovely but Tanya takes the lead. None will be my best friend because of Jess and chummy, Lousie. But Tamya sounds the best. She's kind and I truly adore makeup and we have a lot in common. Niomi is great but I think Tanya's sounds nicer.

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