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I wake up at the sound of my phone ringing. I'm too sleepy to get up and answer it. "Ughh". I roll over and pull my sheets over my head, and then I hear his voice.

" Hello?

It's her husband, Nathan.

Yes. Okay.

You too."

Just as I hear him put back my phone. I turn over and open my eyes. Through a blurry morning vision I see him. Standing there in a suit putting on his watch. He runs his fingers through his hair and looks at me. His gaze causes chaos in my body. "Morning" he smiles.

"Good morning, love."

" It was Mrs. Spector. She says Ellie spent the night at her aunt's so she won't be coming over today. "

"Oh. I guess I'll miss her. She's a good kid."

Nathan sits at the edge of my bed and leans closer to me. And softly kisses me. And then rests his forehead against mine, and lightly whispers "Get some sleep". I smile at his concerned face and nod. Just as I hear him leave I pull the sheets over my head again. And dove into slumber.

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