Marky has a crush

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We walk through the huge airport, feeling confused. I'd never been to an airport on my own, without Mom and Dad. It was quite shocking. Marcus had once and same with Jess. Joe loves airports. I find them quite.... scary.

"Well. We should check in. Get our tickets" Marcus says, Jess nodding. Joe pulls me along.

We walk up to the queue and line up. When we get to the front, a beautiful lady smiles at us. She has lots of make up on and blonde hair, tied in a ponytail.

"Hello! Tickets?" She smiles.

"Here are our tickets" Marcus gleams, passing his. I pass mine, Joe and Jess pass theirs.

"Thank you Lovelies, passports?" The lady asks, looking at the tickets.

I take Joe and Jess's and pass them with mine. Marcus gives his in.

I notice Marcus blushing at her. Has young Marky got a crush? This day is going to be fun.

The lady takes them and looks at the tickets, then at us. She looks more in detail at the passports, checking we are the same. She suddenly gasps. She looks at Marcus, me and Joe in shock.

"Marcus.... Zoe Sugg.... Joe Sugg!!" She squeaks, hugging the passports to herself excitedly.

Marcus raises a brow to me and Joe. I grin. Joe grins too. Another fan, haha!
"The youtubers! I always loved you, still do!" She gasps, grinning back at us. She gets out a piece of paper, and hands it to us.

"Autographs?" She asks hopefully.

"Yeah sure." I write my name and add a heart. Marcus writes a little note, and asks, "what is your name?"

The lady blushes. "Jennifer." Marcus smiles. "Like an angel" he grins. I nudge him, and he blushes.

The note he wrote says:

Dear Jennifer,

Glad to meet you! Your very nice, I like your hair.

Love Marcus :)

Then he writes his number. "Call me" he winks. She giggles. Joe writes a simple Hi Jennifer!

Jennifer smiles. "Thanks a bunch! Suitcases?" We pass all our suitcases over, keeping the bags.

"Okay thank you! You may go through!" She grins, handing the boarding passes out and our passports.

Marcus nods at her and she nods back. I nudge Marcus as we walk through.

"Having a crush?" I grin at him. He smiles and nudges me back.

"Bit" he laughs. "I hope she calls."

"Of course she won't, she will think its a fake number!" Joe laughs, punching him playfully on the back.

Marcus's face suddenly breaks. Only I see it as he hides it quickly with a laugh. I know Marcus likes Jennifer. I need to tell her.

"I'll be back in a second, wait there. I need to ask Jennifer something.... about the make up she was wearing" I quickly say, turning around. Jess runs with me and stops me suddenly.

"Jess!" I gasp, trying to loosen her grip on my arm.

"Zoey, are you going tell her about Marcus? Because... That's what I came to do!" She smiles.

I smile and lift my hands up in surrender. "You got me. C'mon let's go." I pull her along with me and we run to Jennifer's stall.

The line has gotten bigger, Jennifer working away, smiling at the customers. I sigh. If we waited there, it would take at least half an hour. We can't wait that long. It's too long and Marcus will get suspicious.

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