Out and About

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Walking the streets of London, England, Darcy felt cold and alone. She had been out for hours and it was already now 10:50pm.

Her phone wouldn't stop bleeping...

Dad Lou: Darcy come home now!

Dad Haz: sweetheart just come back !! Xx

Dad Lou: Where are you? X

Dad Lou: Answer your phone!!

Dad Haz: you've been out for 5 hours we're worried sick where are you???

Auntie Gemma: Darcy sweet where are you? Your dad's are worried sick call me xo

Dad Lou: nobody has seen you baby please just give us a text or call hunny all sorts of things are going through our heads!! X

Grandma Anne: Call your dad's chick x

Dad Haz: We can't take it anymore baby please we're sorry we overreacted!

Auntie Lottie: Come to my house Hun, you can stay here we just need to know you're safe? X

Tyler: Baby ring me, everyone's worried sick about you! <3

103 Missed Calls: Dad Haz
98 Missed Calls: Dad Lou
53 Missed Calls: Tyler
22 Missed Calls: Lux
12 Missed Calls: Auntie Lottie
1 Missed Call: Unknown number.

She felt guilty. She hated making her fathers worry about her but she couldn't go home. She was way too embarrassed and annoyed.

She's turned her phone of to ensure no more text messages or phone calls will disturb her lonesome walk. It came to 2:59am when she turned the corner of her road.

A police car was parked outside her house. Darcy cursed under her breath and rolled her eyes. Why did parents have to worry so much? She only went for a walk.

Darcy sucked it up and walked up the porch of her house, silently opening the front door.

"...Usual for teenagers to stay out all night after a row with parents." An unfamiliar voice was saying. Darcy silently toed of her shoes and took of her jacket, listening in from the hallway as much as she could.

"Not Darcy..." Harry said. He voice was soft and muffled. He sounded depressed.

"She's not answered any calls or texts, we've been out looking for her for hours!" Louis sounded the same. Possibly worse.

She felt incredibly, heart- wrenchingly guilty. But she didn't want to show it. Darcy fixed her hair and walked straight into the kitchen. SHe was taken back at the sight.

Two lean police officers stood in front of the sofa, both male. On the sofa in front sat her fathers. They were holding hands and crying intensely.

Everyone looked at her as she entered. The police looked angry, her fathers looked relieved.

Louis flung up from the sofa and tightly wrapped his arms around Darcy, crying into her shoulder. "You're okay! You're safe! Oh god, Darc!"

She couldn't help but hug him. She hated seeing her father cry. He rarely ever did. Harry walked over to them both, wrapping his arms around both Darcy and Louis.

She loved her fathers but she was still extremely annoyed. She moved away from their grip and straightened herself up. Without saying anything to either of her fathers or police, she went straight to her room and locked the door. She'd deal with the drama in the morning, but right now it was past 3:00am and she needed sleep.

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