Chapter 4: Detectives Verzus "HiPster$"

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  " The four teams need to determine the truth. This game will be like your leader will be an investigator an you will be her little spies. I will give you a topic and you must know the other teams topic and tell it to me.Understand?"There teacher announce." Yes Ms. Erasmo" They all said in union.

   The plan that is being given to them is about the greatest secret of their teacher. " By the way, who's group that is not being caught by there topic will have plus 20 in the over all score card." Their teacher said.


Jphn always ask Jade andLuna about there topic. " Nope john, nope!" says Luna. " I need it! Zoe will kill me." John said begging for the answer. " John you are our computer informant major! You must know Luna's amazing methods!" Jade said while eating. " Hello! I am on the computer informant's coven! I don't know how she execute anyone.!" John shouted. " I did it with bases John!" Luna replied in a surprising calmed voice. "Wow! your in your good mood today! Why?" Jade ask. " I know why, Kian is part of her team!" John outburst. " Now I am going to kill you, You son of a Devil!!!" And they chase each other in a hou

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