Sunday night, also known as when I spend a whole night with Sam. I went out and bought a new outfit since I hate reusing outfits in public. I decide to buy a black leather dress with some black wedges. I get home and get ready, I straighten my hair and do my makeup. I put on some mascara, and winged eyeliner, with some red lipstick. No one knew about my date with Sam, thank god. I just don't want people to freak out knowing I was secretly seeing Sam. He even said it himself, it's a secret. I hear a honk outside and see Sam parked in the driveway. I take a deep breath and walk out. He walks out of his car and walks toward me. He doesn't say a word but just stares at me.

"What...?", I ask

"You look really beautiful Abby Marie", he says smiling

"You can just call me Abby you know..", I look down

"I know, but I like Abby Marie better", he winks

"Well, you don't look so bad yourself", I smile. A real smile, what is wrong with me. He really did look nice, he was dressed in a black v-neck, some blue jeans, and white vans. He had taken his piercings out, his face looks so innocent and more attractive than when he has them on. Damn it Abby, get yourself together!

"So.. Wanna get going?", he interrupts my thoughts

"Yeah", I walk to the car and he opens the door for me. I stare at him in disbelief and get in. He's acting so different today.. I wonder why?

We drive up to Olive Garden, I'm surprised we came here. It's not cheap honestly..

"I've never been here before", I say walking in

"That makes two of us", were taken to our table and have our order taken.

"So, I noticed something", he says moving his chair next to mine.

"And that is?

"When you smile, your dimples show, I've never seen your dimples"

"No one really has, I don't smile a lot", I blush a little. How great, he has me blushing. I must be sick or something, I'm supposed to be scared of this guy, and here I am on a date actually having a conversation with him.

"That makes me feel special", he smiles and I notice his dimple.

"I see you have dimples too", he stops smiling and gets serious.

Our food gets here and he pushes his chair back. He doesn't talk the whole time were eating, I know something's wrong.

"Why are you so quiet?", I ask

"It's nothing", he says messing with his food.

"You know you can tell me"

"I'm not telling you shit", he looks at me and his jaw is clenched, he gets closer to me and I suddenly feel terrified of him again. I stand up and face him

"There's the Sam I know", I walk out and dial Haley. The second she answers, my phone is yanked out of my hands and Sam hangs it up.

"Look I'm sorry about all that, I was just pissed about last night", he says putting his hands over his head

"Last night?", I ask

"Yes last night, the way you looked at Taylor bugged me"


He stays silent

"I asked you why!", I yelled at him.

He looks at me and his face is full of anger. I knew I was dead, I make a run for it. I stop at a road, I look around the street and see Sam looking around for me, he was about to give up when I feel something crawl on my feet. I yell and Sam runs toward the alley.

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