Have you found happiness?

Have you been satisfied all your life?

Are you contented with what you have?

Or you're still hunting for the unknown?

The unknown that until now you can't figure out.

Why is it so difficult to achieve happiness and contentment?

Is it life or is it us?

Why despite the hardwork

There's still lacking and missing?

Some acquire and obtain much

Others have all the luxuries life could offer;

Still in their facades incompleteness is visible.

In our journey of life -

We overlook so many things.

Blinded with what's current and contemporary-

Deaf with the whisper of success

Numb to feel the embrace of love

Tasteless to have the sweetest words in the world.

Senseless wih all the beauty around

Forgetful of the simple things we have.

Happiness is just within our reach...

We are just too busy to notice.

My friend, happiness and contentment

Is within life itself .

Explore and live -

Life is everything!


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