Chapter 1

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        Hey, my name is Jamie Ray Evans. I have light brown hair and blue green eyes. I'm almost 14 yay! haha not really... I get bullied by my older sister Lily. My mom always comes home drunk and I mean ALWAYS she doesn't care about me, only Lily.

See Lily is almost 18. She has a hot pink Lamborghini that she got for her 16th birthday she even got to customize it herself!, and she already crashed it twice! My mom just keeps fixing it for her. I guess you could say I'm rich? I live in a 4 story house that costs like 800,000 dollars. Yea i know it's a lot for a house of only 3. There are at least 6 bedrooms. I'm not aloud anywhere else but my room, the kitchen, living room and the basement. Which no one goes down since it's usless. Literally NOTHING is down there except for a few boxes that belonged to my dad...

My dad died when i was 5. It's been hard on us. That's why my mom always comes home drunk and all my sister does is beat me to get her anger out. Oh, I also didn't to you that I get bullied at school for absolutely no reason at all. Physically and mentally. My life is fun right? Yea sure... it's not.

I've been cutting for about um... 4 maybe 5 years now. I had to go to the hospital once cuz I cut wayyy to deep. I've tried to commit it before, and I'm starting to think about it agian but I'm not sure.

Anyways... my birthday is in a few weeks/days now yay I'm soooo excited! (note the sarcasm) I'm just hoping for the best birthday present ever is if Cameron Dallas can follow me or save me again.


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