6 degrees of dissapointment

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Ellysa is writing the second chapter of "red and black" then gets distracted with vocaloids.

Ellysa: *closes down the wattpad tab by accident*

(Stage one: yelling) Nooooooooooo! I am such a fucking idiot! I didn't even save it!! I was almost fucking done!

(Stage two: showering) I don't even care, I'll just go shower *showers*

(Stage three: ...) *cries*

(Stage four: blaming random things) It's Piko Utatane's fault. It's google's fault. It's Mexico's fault.

(Stage five: listens to music) *singing along* what was I thinking, everyone sees it, it's not a secret that I'm just a reject~

(Stage six: writing) *writes this*

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