Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Over the next few weeks Kyla healed well. Physically at least; the same could not be said about mentally. Her ankle swelling receded quickly, and soon enough she was healthy and starting to learn some basic punching skills thanks to Alex, who seemed rather taken with her. 

"That's it Kyla! You're getting it!" I cheer from the side-lines, watching as Kyla beats and pounds on hanging punching-bag. Alex is holding it from the other side, and even he is grunting slightly with each punch. Kyla's not one for giving up. 

For the last 3 weeks, Kyla had simply been training, reading in the library, or chatting to the groups who were around. It'd been quiet, my group only called out once and even that turned out only to be a simple job, over in seconds. This unassumed break was very welcome: Alex had been spending his time with Kyla in the library, teaching her about the history of the creatures we kill while showing off his knowledge at the same time. Kyla seemed to be oblivious to his smiles and "accidental" hand-brushes. 

However, while Alex was using the time to flirt unsuccessfully, I had been in discussion with Martha and Daniel. There was quite a. . . large range of opinion as to what to do about the Kyla situation. 

"Storm the walls. Shoot the fuckers. Done." I say, storming into the office the morning after we find Kyla, Daniel trailing in after me. Martha glances up from reading papers on her desk, before shutting them and leaning back in her chair, taking a sip of her coffee which is placed beside her left hand, the steam rising like the tension in the room. 

"And get ourselves killed? That's foolish." Daniel retorts, his deep voice filled with sarcasm. I leer at him slightly. 

"Innocent, teenage, human girls are being abducted, Daniel. I'm afraid that I don't want to sit around and wait for another helpless child just fall into our hands! We need to act now." I fire back, and he snaps his head to Martha, who's staring at us with her eyebrows in her hair. 

"Is this discussion only led by yesterday's events, guys?" 

"Yes." "No." Come at the same time, and Daniel and I glance at each other incredulously. 

"What do you mean 'No'?" I ask, crossing my arms. 

"You're putting your heart into this; into whatever shit Kyla landed herself in. It's not to do with us! We got her out, and that's great, but we're finished here. You're too worked up. This is childish." 

"Bullshit!" I yell, causing Martha to jump slightly, "Our assignment was to see what was going on - we never even properly saw what was there! We only saw the aftermath. It's our duty to help other girls like Kyla." 

"Duty?" Daniel snorts. 


As of yet we hadn't come to an agreement, although Martha had put provisional scouts on the lookout: So far nothing. All quiet. Martha had taken it into her own hands, having dicussions and meetings with offical men and women in suits, which shocked us all when they first arrived. . . 

I was sat in the main eating area, Tom at my side. We were going over some of the finances of the last few months; we always spent more in winter, albeit mostly on heating. 

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