who that Girl?!?

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Altair pov.

After I fully recovered. I started walking around the town/city "I'm bored" I sigh siting on a bench. I was going to go fine Ezio but I couldn't fine him. I sigh again "wonder were he is?" I hear a girl giggle "hmm?" I got up and went to see who it was. It was only a girl talking to a guy in assassins robes probably one of the assassins but then I look closely and it was Ezio. I felt jealousy  inside and sadness. 'why the hell am I jealous and sad' I thought while walking away.

~After walking around~

I sat on a roof looking at the sunset "why am I getting feeling" I sigh "for who?" I hear someone say I turn around to see Ezio "oh hey" I said nervously.

"what the matter?" He asked

"nothing" I said

"you sure? because I heard you say u had feelings? and why are you sad?" He asked

'do I really need to answer those dam questions.' I look back at the sun "I don't have feeling for nobody".... 'I do have feeling for u'.....

"I'm not sad I'm always looking like this" ... 'because  I saw u talking with another girl'.. "oh ok" he said sitting next to me. 'I really want to tell him that I like him but I'm scared what if he does not like me back'  I thought looking down. "hey why not have a race?" He said putting his arm around me "nah I'll pass" I said

"you sure?" He asked


"alright will I got to go" he left.

I got up and went to the base. As I was walking I wondering who that was girl and why was she talking to my man. I mean my crush I bump into someone I fell. "ow!" I look up to see.


God damit Altair just tell him already [Altair:Don't rush me ill will but I'm scared]

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