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Chapter 9

Ms. Coffee & Mr Delicious Italian Teacher


Let me tell you this, there is no such damn thing about a nice guy. It's unprincipled, impossible, never-going-to-happen. Honestly it's just something someone made up to shut the female species up, like a deal, for a woman to zip up her complaints about not a single guy being a gentleman or some well-mannered fella. Because men are predators, let's call it a wolf pack huh? Maybe some crocs along the way, with a pinch of as*holes too.

Okay maybe I'm wrong, there are a few nice guys but a lot of them are your good old friend, your mate, someone you want to have a long ass amazeberries friendship together with, but of course at one point they will want to past that lovely line named friends only. I'm lucky Jace never went to that point.

But hey! We females aren't that lovely either. We have our stereotypical, man list of what we want in a guy. Who can blame us? There are just some guys who you want to rip their damn clothes off and lick their chest. Okay a little too visual? Sorry. But come on! We want that whole package, yah know with the whole 6-pack, V-line, sexy tan body, dimple, hot face, taller than you, talented in some form, maybe could serenade you? But also an amazeberries gentleman who gives you cookies every waking hour.

Yeah... well I guess I'm a little demanding on what I want, a little picky, quite choosey but there are some guys you'd really want in your dang life. *Mental Drool*

"Hey Ms. Amazeberries" I hear a husky voice erupt from the side of me making me turn to find Mr. Goddess smiling with his dimple chin.

I ignore the hello and continue walking, zoning back into my mental babbling of yummy guys.

Dustin sighed catching up to me, "Skye... listen, I'm really not that type of guy" I turn around glaring so hard I felt like a Bull about to hit his damn abs (yum) with my horns.

I growl walking towards him poking his chest, "Don't you dare Skye Listen me! At first you were some sexy guy who I felt pecks with and now your becoming some top sheep guy in the popularity wheel, did I forget to mention guys like that disgust me? Well yeah, and don't you dare flaunt your looks trying to get me uneasy and want to kiss your arrogant face. Okay!?"

Fork. Fork.

I did not just say that... But I did, and I did too much. Cover your damn mouth Einstein, forking cover it.

I stepped back jaw a little dropped, as well as his as he mumbled, "Is it bad to say I want to kiss you right now too?" I shook my head scowling.

"Sorry, I don't fall easily for pricks" And with that I walked away. Was that a little too harsh? Maybe...

I heard him groan trying to run to me, "Skye! Just because I didn't clean up mess that we both did, it doesn't mean I'm some popular jerk?"

I turn shouting, "Is that why I saw you hooking up with Virginia Cristos? Oh yeah Hunny Bun, I saw that sheep" I flicked my hair that kind of failed from my beanie and walked away, swinging my non ass.

Yes, before I mental babbled I came across him in the corner of the Big Pine tree at the front sucking faces with Cake Face. Lovely. So I guess you can say, not everyone is what they seem to be. But I didn't want to think much of it... I don't believe in love, nor do I want to get hurt.

I continued walking into my Italian class sitting at the mid back; I threw my head back in exasperation and tiredness as I pulled down my supreme beanie to help my head warm up to this cold room. I pull down my Mickey Mouse jumper sleeves and rub my eyes yawning. Grr... where the hell is she?

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