A booster

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A few days after that, you are in class when you saw Kyungwon walking to your class. "Jaehee, we are going to have a meeting for the last selection in the music room conference during break." Kyungwon informed and you thanked him. *As always.. His popularity is out of this world.* You thought as you saw the female students falling head over heels for him.

Once break time came, you took your things and went to the conference room. When you walked in, you saw that only Seho and Kyungwon are inside. "Sunbaenim, where are the rest?" You asked and they shrugged their shoulders. "They are not here yet." Seho replied and you just sat on a seat. Soon, the participants slowly walked in. "Okay then, that's everyone, right?" Joonhyun asked when he walked in and walked to the middle. "I gather all of you here is because the theme for the last selection is out." Joonhyun said and all of you looked at him. "The theme is 'Setting Free'." Joonhyun announced and all of you nodded. After taking a handout, all of you left. *Well.. Let's look for a song then* You thought and went to the roof to eat your lunch.

When school ended, you went straight to Kyuchan's class and saw that he's still packing his things. "Yah, Kyuchan-ah." You said and he looked at you. "What's up?" He asked as he walked to you after packing his things quickly. "The theme is out." You said and he looked at you. "And?" He said and you looked at him. "Well. I thought of going solo again, if you don't mind, that is." You said and he shook his head. "Of course i don't mind." He said while smiling and you smiled back. "But.. If you need any company during practices, call me anytime." He said and you nodded while smiling.

A few days passed and it's weekend. You took your things and went to the music store, "Boss, i'm back." You said and he looked at you while smiling. "Good to see you again." He said and you smiled. "Boss, do you have music scores for 'Paganini "Caprice" No. 24'?" You asked and he nodded. "Gomawo." You thanked as you took it from him. *Time to practice.* You thought and went home.

You have been practicing for a few weeks and you are still practicing in the school's practice room and you called Kyuchan to accompany you. After practicing for three hours straight, you finally took a break. "Yah.. You seem nervous." Kyuchan spoke and you looked at him. "I am because this is the last one and i can't afford to lose." You said and Kyuchan sighed while looking down. "You know, can i tell you something? As a booster or an encouragement." Kyuchan said and you looked at him, gesturing him to continue. "After the concourse, i have something to tell you which no one knows about. But.. I can only tell you that if you win, that is." He said and you elbowed him lightly. "Why can't you tell me now?" You asked and he looked at you. "Because.. I want you to concentrate on this first. So.. You better win, alright?" He said and you smiled while nodded. "Who do you think i am? Of course i'll win and i'll make you tell me your secret." You said and Kyuchan smiled.

After a few more hours practicing, you finally decided to call it a day and went home after bidding Kyuchan goodbye. Once you reached home, you saw your brothers are talking while watching a drama on tv. "Yah, when is your concourse?" Jongki asked and you looked at him. "Wae?" You asked, curious. "We are all going." Jongmin said and you looked at them. "The date's written here." You said as you passed them the hand out and went to your room. *Need to work hard then.* You thought and smiled.

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