Chapter One

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I hate hospitals. More importantly, I hate this hospital. The floor that I was on, Psychiatric, must be the worst floor of them all though. My mother dropped me off here, didn't even bother to come in. She was too occupied barking into her Bluetooth to say goodbye to her daughter. They told me I was sick, I told them I was strong. They said it was dangerous, but I wanted weightlessness. The nurse told me to come out of my room and into the "Entertainment Centre" which was really, just a large space filled with a tiny tv, two couches, some old tables, puzzles, and paper. Paper for drawing of course. Drawing with a felt tip only, because we "wouldn't want to risk anything". Being in the Entertainment Centre really did help me adjust here, I met a few other girls and one boy, who shared the same problem as me. The nicest, by far, was Nicola, who was sitting and doing a puzzle with me at the moment.

"See, this is bullshit. I've been here for a month and they won't let me out because I refuse my meals. What a stupid excuse." She whined, with a slight British accent.

"It makes sense, Nic," I noted, "why do you think you're here in the first place?" We had only done the outer pieces of the puzzle, and now came the hard parts. I am terrible at doing puzzles. "Nicola Hathaway, you have a visitor." A pleasantly plump nurse chirped, causing Nic to abandon me as she sprinted towards the door.

"RhiRhi!! Come on! I have someone for you to meet!" She coaxed, and continued sprinting. I jogged after her, until she screeched to a halt in front of a tall boy with curly brown hair. "My brother, Jack." He smirked and looked me up and down. "I didn't think there was hot girls in loony bins. Learn something new everyday." I rolled my eyes and forced a giggle. I did not think I was hot. I wasn't hot or cute or pretty or anything. I was me, I was nothing. He extended a strong hand "Pardon me for the observation, I am Jack, the older brother. The sane one." Nicola shot him a glare that said more than words could. I took hold of his hand and shook it, mine looking small and frail in comparison. Like a glove compared to a baseball mitt. "I'm Rhiannon, but I go by Rhi." I explained, my cheeks flushing. I hadn't talked to a cute boy in a few months, so it wasn't my strong suit. "Rhiannon. Hmm," Jack spoke softly, with a British accent that made me melt like butter, "your parents must have liked Fleetwood Mac. That old band." I wasn't sure that was the origin of my name, but I nodded my head. "Cool." He mumbled. Nic clapped her hands together and rubbed them. "Jack, come meet some people." She grabbed his arm and began to pull but he kept his focus on me. "Hang on Nicola, I'm here for a whole two hours today. I would like to talk to Rhiannon and ask what her story is. Go on, we'll be on the couch." I never agreed to the whole 'sitting on a scratchy couch with a cute boy' this all felt unreal. Like a tv show. He led me to the mint green couch, and plopped down.

"Rhiannon," he pushed up his black rimmed glasses and licked his lips, "has your boyfriend visited you in this fine establishment?" I stared at the linoleum, not quite sure how to answer.

"Danny... He doesn't know I'm here. He thinks I'm building schools in Africa. That's the lie Mrs. Jen- I mean mom- told him."

"Mrs Jen? That's what you call your mother?" He laughed.

"No. Mrs. Jensen is her name. And that's the basis we are on. She calls me Missy. I call her Mrs. Jensen. I never see her." My black hair was getting in my eyes, and as I reached to brush it away, Jack did it for me.

"Natural hair colour?" He questioned, which I found odd.

"This is the natural colour. My father says the ammonia in dyes is terrible for you. So this is what I've got." he grinned. "Rhi, why are you here?" He put his hand on my leg, which shivered under my sweatpants- red, and ugly, provided by this extraordinary hospital- I brushed his hand away.

"EDNOS. Just like your sister. They took my feeding tube out 3 days ago. That's probably why you can't tell why I'm here, because they pumped me up like a Christmas turkey. Can't go home until I'm 110 pounds." He stared into my eyes, his were silver and shone like diamonds, they were so beautiful compared to my hollow, plain brown eyes. "Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. That must be terrible darling. Does Damon know?"

"Danny. He kinda knew it, after I collapsed the fourth time."

"Danny isn't so quick to catch on is he?" Jack grinned, his teeth were white, and slightly crooked. More than just slightly adorable.

"Danny is upperclass in society. He's oblivious to everything that isn't family business, money, lacrosse or university. Sometimes I wonder why we're even dating."

"Definitely not because of that charming personality." Jack commented flatly. "I'm kidding, darling. You're as charming as a princess." Wow, how backhanded of him.

"Listen Jack," I huffed, "this has been great but I have to go do a thing.." I stood up and turned away, but he grabbed hold of my hand.

"Promise I'll see you during visiting hours next week?" He stroked the top of my hand.

"Um.. Sure." I put on a fake smile and turned to walk down the hall. This guy is a piece of work. Hitting on me like that, how immature. Why did I find it so appealing? I had a week to figure that out.

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