Doing the prank part 2

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Lindsey POV

So when we had to showers sense it was a big hotel and taylor went in one and Matt went in the other. So we sat down and watched tv we'll all I sudden Matt and talyor yelled aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Alyssa!!!!!!!!! Lindsey!!!!!!! We all started laughing. Then we went up to the door when they were done showering and they called each other and said they were going to get us back. Now we were really scared but we knew we could out smart them some how.

Alyssa's POV

So then makayla and Erika went home and me and Lindsey talked. So what should the next big plan be. I said. I don't know but we should get some sleep we have all the time we need tomorrow and we can think about it then Lindsey said. Ok I said. Goodnight Lindsey. Goodnight Lindsey said 😘💜. 😘💜 I said.

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