chapter 3

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"Brad are you ready "says Morgan "I know I wanna see you too baby but right now Morgan isn't let me out of her sight I will try and see you tomorrow" whispers Brad  "I have to go someone is coming I love you bye " Tristan comes into the room "can't you hear morgan calling you brad you know I hate her shrill voice when she's getting annoyed" "yeah sorry tris I was on the phone what does she want "Tristan shrugs his shoulders as if to say I don't know

Brad and Tristan go downstairs and just as they reach the bottom Lucie opens the door "hi boys u ok " " Hey Lucie what u doing here and is cal with you ?" Lucie turns round and says " CALUM is over there please stop calling him Cal Tristan " Tristan quickly moves other to where calum is leaving brad to deal with Morgan as she didn't look happy as she headed towards him

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