Chapter 2

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Jocie's mother, Alex, had just returned from dropping off all the kids to school when she heard a knock at the door. Carlito, Alex's youngest son, only went to preschool three days a week and today was not a school day. Alex made a visual check to see where Carlito was. Good, he was in the dining room playing with his lego's. As she approached the door she felt an uneasiness come over here. Like she just got off a long turbulent flight. She proceeded to the door and peeked through the window next to the door. There was a woman wearing a business suit standing with her back to the door. Alex thought, oh great someone wants to sell me something else. When she opened the door the tall lady turned to greet her. Alex almost fainted when she saw the woman's face. The only words she could muster out of her mouth was, "We still have two years! What are you doing here?" Alejandra, it is nice to see you too! Said the lady

Of course, come in. I apologize for my tone you just startled me. I wasn't expecting you for another two years Alex said. I understand Alejandra the lady replied. Please call me Alex, Alex said. I like that name even better! May I ask why you changed your name to Alex, said the lady with a cunning smile. Alex is short for Alejandra, no other reason just to make it easier. You would think that I would change my name to something similar to your own. Vanity has always fitted you well, Alexis said Alex. Well enough about that. I bet your wondering why I am here right now said Alexis. Yes I am very curious to know why you are here RIGHT now as a matter of fact said Alex. No need to worry, too much that is. The training program has been altered since our last visit and there will be some "home schooling" that will need to be administered said Alexis. So she will not be leaving us right now asked Alex. No not at all. As a matter of fact you will be spending a lot more time with her said Alexis. What do you mean by that exclaimed Alex. You will be her teacher for the next two years along with another. You don't have a problem with that do you Alex. You are more than qualified to be an administrator for the trainees, said Alexis. No, not a problem at all I will do what I have to, said Alex. Alex was more relieved than anything. She knew this day was going to come sooner than later but she was just hoping that everything would work itself out before Jocie ended high school.

Who is this other girl that will be with us Alex asked. Her name is Melita Christofi. She is the daughter of Nikola and Helene Christofi from New York City. They are active members of the Greek counsel said Alexis. I know her! She is Jocie's best friend, said Alex. Melita's placement in Ukiah has been planned for years now. We were hoping your Josephina, I mean Jocie, and Melita would become good friends. As you know they would be attracted to each other in a sense they do not understand yet. They share a bond that even you don't understand Alex, said Alexis. Well it was a choice I made. A choice I don't regret, said Alex. I understand, I even commend you for your actions. You are much braver than most of us out there. I have never doubted your actions for one moment. I just hope your emotional attachments here will not cloud your teachings these next two years, said Alexis. I assure you they will not. My heart will always be true and you know that more than anyone, said Alex. It seems your little one is making a mess over there. Why don't you take care of him while I prepare a file I need you to look at, said Alexis. Very well, said Alex.

He sure is a fiery one, too bad he is male, said Alexis. Yes, I have been blessed with three young men since my time here in Ukiah, said Alex. Lucky for you, very luck for you said Alexis. What is this file I need to look at, I am expecting my husband home for lunch at noon and I really don't want to explain anything to him right now, said Alex. Don't worry Alex I also have a previous engagement at noon myself.

Here is a list of all the training that needs to be covered over the next two years. I am very happy to see she is excelling in all the extra curricular activities you have placed her in. Has she noticed how easy these tasks have came to her? Asked Alexis. No, she just believes that her hard work and studying has done well for her. Said Alex. Great! Being humble is a great asset when it comes to our people. Exclaimed Alexis. You have done an excellent job and I will make sure all this is noted. There is one more thing we need to discuss. Said Alexis. Yes, what is it? Asked Alex. I need to know what her main interest in life is right now. Something she loves. Something she excels at more than any other student her own age. Said Alexis. She has a passion for fashion. She has a keen eye for style and is creative beyond her years. Said Alex. Alexis sat back into her chair and placed her hand on the bottom of her chin as if in deep thought. I got it! Alexis exclaimed. She is going to go to Paris and attend a fashion Summer camp. Said Alexis. Why Paris! Yelled Alex. Think Alex. Think. Said Alexis. We still have an academy in Paris? Questioned Alex. It is a small one but it is still active. Mostly used as a combat training facility for the midtermers but it is big we can make accommodations for her. Said Alexis. Hold on! You are going to fake an entire camp for Jocie. That makes no sense, how are you going to pull this off for one thing and secondly I don't know if I like this idea. She is only 15 years old. She will be in another country for goodness sake. Said Alex. She will be in good hands, you know this more than anyone. It will be great for her. Jocie will be living the dream. You know she will love this and at the same time we will get her prepped for her home schooling when she returns. It will all play out wonderfully. Just leave the details to me. I will keep you informed. I must run I am going to be late for my appointment. Don't worry everything will fall into place. I will keep in touch Alejandra. It was great seeing you again, sister. Said Alexis. It was great seeing you as well Alexis. Said Alex. Alex shut the door behind Alexis and slid down the door to a sitting position. Tears started going down her face. It is time for my little angel to become a woman.

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