➸ thirteen: you be my romeo, i'll be your juliet

⋜ she had blue skin, and so did he.

he kept it hid and so did she.

they searched for blue their whole life through,

then passed right by -

and never knew. 


We all are humans - unless you come from some outer planet and speak Hebrew - which means that we are all messy, passionate, flawed and screwed up people. Each one of us have a story to tell hidden underneath all the other emotions flowing through our body. Some stories are magical while others . . . they're heartbreaking. When we judge other people, we judge them because of their outer appearance; the way they talk, speak or dress. We don't actually know about what they've been through and judging them just makes everything ten times worse.

Even in story books, every character has a flaw in them. And seeing them being so brutally honest with painful moments in their life could make us recognize that we all fall and we all have moments where we have a genuine raw reaction instead of a scripted one. 

It doesn't matter if that person is a slut or the president of the United States - no offence to Obama. It's just truth and history and emotions and scars. It's real. And it makes it easier for every single one of us to love and forgive ourselves and others, knowing that when we screw up or despair or rejoice or feel lonely, every single person has their own secrets and screw ups too.

I've heard and seen people betray and stab me in the back but I'd never heard of things, preferably cars, betraying their owners. Well, I had heard of it but I'd never really experienced it. I groaned and knocked my head on the steering wheel. "Come on Diana, you cannot do this to me!" I turned the key on the ignition for what seemed like the hundredth time. The car would roar for one second before completely shutting down again.

Shouldn't this be the part where my prince charming comes in his white horse and gives me a ride to school? Obviously, they really are just fairytales. Guys like that do not exist in real life and neither do things like prince charming and white horses.

A low purr sounded from a distance making me lift up my head and see if really my prince charming had come with the exception of the white horse. Daniel was on his motorbike, looking at me with an amused smile. "Need a ride damsel-in-distress?"

"With you? Yes. In that bike? No."

Daniel let out a soft chuckle, making it clear that he was obviously enjoying my misery. "C'mon, it's just a short distance. I didn't know that you would be afraid of a bike. I thought you wanted to be a bit-"

"Alright! I get it but I have an ultimatum," I cut him off.

It wasn't that I was scared of motorbikes. I just didn't like the idea of dying so soon. Even though it means that I am scared, it is a totally different thing. "Ultimatum?!"

I nodded and exclaimed, "I get to wear your helmet!"

Daniel complied to my request - which was more like an order - and let me put on his helmet. I reluctantly climbed onto his motorbike. Though motorbike wasn't what I'd like to call that rusty old piece of shit. "I swear Dan, if I die because of your poor riding skills, I will chop off your head and feed it to my cat."

"You have a cat?" Daniel looked at me from the rearview mirror with a raised eyebrow. I simply gave him a 'that-isn't-the-point' look. "Besides," he continued, "if you were to die because of my amazing riding skills, you wouldn't be able to chop off my head and feed it to your non-existent cat."

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