I've been driving for six hours now, passed ten towns, and am right outside my friend,Alex's flat. Her apartment is on the second floor. After popping another Altoid in my mouth, I grab my bag and walk upstairs.

"Alex! Ohmigod, I missed you!" I yell squeezing her as hard as possible.

" Missed you too kiddo. But, you're killing me." She says. I release and walk inside her apartment. Alex leads me to the small extra bedroom she has. I thank her and set the bag down. I lay down on the mattress and switch the tele on.

The news turns on and I'mabout to change it when I hear Mum's voice.

'Sniffles. Cher- I-I just want my baby back. I want my little Trojan.I love her more than life itself. I've been a crappy Mum ever since I had Brandon, but Trojan. If you are watching this, come back please. I promise to be better. I love you baby girl.'

That is all that she gets out before collapsing in violent sobs. Guilt boils up inside of me, but I then realize. I'm only a burden to her. My demons are screeching horrible things at me. I look over at the blade in the corner by the tele. I can't I've been clean for two years.

I grab the blade and begin slashing at my wrists in sobs. I watch the blood bubble as it oozes out of my flesh.

I clean up and fall into a dreamless sleep...

Five hours later

I hear a pounding on the door and Alex goes to answer it. Demi storms in and grabs my stuff. I catch a glimpse of Alex opening a bag of Cheeto's. " Bitch, you did NOT sell me out for Cheeto's!" She remains silent as Demi grabs the bag and picks me up, taking me down to the car.

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