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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 4

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Lauryn: what y'all looking at?

Taylor: you and roc.

Lauryn: well stop. do y'all want to come over later?

Everybody: yeah WAIT!

Lauryn: what?

Ray: your mama gonna be home?

Lauryn: no she's working late

Roc: your brothers gonna be there?

Lauryn: yea

The boys: 😳😳

Lauryn: Chill I'll call my brother and tell them your coming with me and your just friends.

Boys: ok

Lauryn: *calls Lawrence*

~Phone convo~

Lawrence: Hello?

Lauryn: hey so a couple of my friends are coming over so don't scare them.

Lawrence: boys or girls?

Lauryn: both

Lawrence: well imma have to talk to Donovan about the boys

Lauryn: put him on the phone.

Lawrence: ok

Donovan: Hello?

Lauryn: nigga why u sound out of breath?

Donovan: I just came back from the gym.

Lauryn: yea ok. Over there fucking bitches and shit.

Donovan: whatever. What u want?

Lauryn: I'm having friends over and don't scare them.

Donovan: Girls?

Lauryn: and boys.

Donovan: I'm talking to the boys tho. I'll see you later.

Lauryn: bye

~Phone Convo over~

Roc: soooo?

Lauryn: he's still going to talk to y'all.

Boys: shit.

Lauryn: well let's go.

Sorry it's short

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