The East River

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Alex and Chubs were sitting around the campfire, when Liam came out. "Wondering were you two had gotten to," he said in a groggy sleepy voice. "Well, while you were sleeping me and Alex were trying to come up with what E.D.O means, we're are unsuccessful." Chubs said setting down his notebook. "Maybe its not a word, maybe its like a radio frequency or something," Liam said sitting down in one of the camping seats. "Liam, I don't say this often but you're a genius," Chubs said getting up and running somewhere. 

"Is Zu still asleep?" Alex asked. For some reason after Chubs left it became very awkward between Liam and her, which was very odd as it never happened and a weird warm sensation appeared in her chest. "Yeah, sleeping like a baby, as usual," he started, "Maybe you should try and get some shut eye," he finished. "I tried, not tired. " She replied as Chubs returned with a very small radio. "Okay, so before everything happened with the blue crew, I found this radio," He said sitting down. "Great time to test my theory," Liam said walking behind Chubs, she joined him. "Okay, so E is 3, D is 6 and O," he started getting stuck on O. "Maybe O is 0," Alex chimed in. "Genius, Alex, genius!" Chubs exclaimed "I know," she smirked in reply. Chubs put in the digits into the radio. As soon as he did a voice cam through it, "If you can hear this, your one of us, come find us, East River, " the voice said. Had they really found it. "We found it we really did." Liam said as they all celebrated.

The next day

"Thanks for letting us stay the night," Alex said as she helped Zu into Betty. "No problem. Did you find out what E.D.O means?" Callie asked. "Yeah, we're on our way there," Chubs said getting in to the back. "Be careful," Callie said as she walked away.Alex joined Liam in the front and they headed of towards the East River. 

They had been had been driving for about 2 hours, when Liam announced they were stopping for lunch. Alex wasn't sure where entirely they were but she didn't care she needed food, now. Alex was expecting lunch to be Twinkies as it normally was but no today they actually had semi-healthy, PB&J sandwiches. 

After lunch Alex and Liam decided to go for a walk. It was peaceful as there wasn't anyone about. They stopped at the lake, "It's so beautiful isn't it?" Alex said. "Not often we get this," Liam said standing beside her. "Not often we get what?" She asked him not taking her eyes of the lake. "Piece and quiet away from Zu and Chubs," he replied, he wasn't wrong but she liked the gang it was fun and there was never a dull moment. "Hey Zu is not that bad, Chubs however is another story," she said, laughing. "Speaking of which we should probably get back to them before they think we've died or something," Liam said as he started to walk away. "Good idea," she said joining him.

When they got back to the van, something felt wrong to Alex, really wrong.

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