How it all started

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That's the sound of my annoying mother waking me up, a lot of people think my moms this nice lady who never argues or never takes advantage of people, but they're just wrong... But you'll find that out as I go on..

When I wake up in the morning I normally have my outfit picked out, my tooth brush ready, and my bag all set. I don't eat breakfast we don't really have the money to buy fancy foods but that's fine with me I could always lose some weight.

On my way out the door my mom stops me and makes me hand her my wallet, she takes about $5 out each day which is so unfair considering that's half the money I make at a farm I work at. But if it helps out Cade then I'm fine.

Cade's my 9 year old brother, I'm 15 so he's pretty much also my responsibility. Without me my brother would be starving outside living in a box with some random guy he found on the street. But my goal was set to NEVER let anything bad happen to him.. He was my only happiness at home besides my dogs meatball, and trixie but they can't talk...well atleast they can't in human language.

I walk to school and I meet my friend Sarah, she's the kind of girl who never shuts up but I love her to death, she's like me just more enthusiastic about life. She's the kind of girl that doesn't take no for an answer.

Well now that you know about everyone in my life I guess it's time I get on with the story..oh wait there is one person I forgot... Justin! Justin's a 16 year old popstar who every girl wants including me. He's a guy who always makes sure his fans are happy, he always keeps us sain and he helps us believe, and achieve our dreams. But you will learn more about that soon enough!

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