I right away jumped up and ran to Boots. I grabbed some leaves next to her, and pressed them hard to her wound. She looked at me with terrified eyes while I tried to help her. The ground was soaked in her blood. I kept whimpering it was going to be okay, but she just stared at me. The blood finally stopped flowing as fast. I took off the leaves, and started licking the wound. I tried to ignore the taste of the blood. I would normally like blood, but not now. The wound eventually stopped bleeding so I took her over to my leaves and lied her down. Everyone was up now and watching her carefully whimpering wanting her to be okay. I saw Sadie come back to our den. I looked up and growled. Sadie looked surprised to see me growling at her. I pounced on her.

"Why would you do that to Boots?!" I snarled rushing to conclusions.

She looked at me surprised, "I didn't do anything to Boots. What's wrong with her?"

"Don't pull that crap on me."

Sadie flipped me off of her, and looked at me. " I really didn't do anything to her. I was out hunting, see?" She said pointing to a squirrel.

"How can we trust you? It was perfect timing. You try to let us let you in to our group. Then you try and gain a little bits of trust. After that it's perfect, you attack Boots. Then you go out to hunt to cover up for your outburst," I growled.

"If I can't get you to trust me, then just wait for Boots to wake up. Then let her tell you what happened."

"Killer, would you please keep a close eye on Sadie until Boots is well enough to speak."

"Sure," he replied calmly while walking over to her.

I walked over to Boots, and made sure her pelt was still rising up and down. It was. I relaxed, she was going to be alright. She was just going to need to learn how to walk with three paws. Everyone looked at me with worried eyes. I turned around to face them.

"Boots is going to be okay everyone," I barked.

I saw a little of the worry come out of their eyes, but they were still worried.

"Missy can I talk to you?" Asked Ruff.


We walked in the dark quiet woods for a while, and he finally sat down.

"I want you to know I'll always be here for you."

I stared at him wondering where this was going," I know."

He sighed, " I was thinking, we should leave those dogs to themselves. Get out of here me and you. We would survive."

I stared at him in shock, "No way. I would never do that to them!" I barked.

"They just seem to be more trouble to you than they're worth," He barked, looking at me with his blue eyes.

"I would never leave them though. I would hope you would never leave me either," I whined, looking at him with my brown eye and scratched eye.

"Never," he said.


I walked back to the den with Ruff, and checked on Boots. She was able to speak now, and was looking around for me it seemed.

"Hey," I whined.

"Missy! I was looking for you," she purred. "I wanted to say thanks for saving me back there."

"It's really no big deal. Just helping a friend out. Do you mind me asking what happened though?"

"Not at all. I got up earlier than all of you, so I figured I'd walk around. All of a sudden a dog jumped out of the woods. It was pure white with a pink eye. One of the eyes had a scratch going over it like yours, but the eye wasn't there. It had your type of pelt. It grabbed my leg as I tried to get away. Sadie woke up and saw what was happening. She rushed over and scared the dog. The dog ripped off my paw, then started to run. Sadie chased after the dog leaving me behind trying to make sure the dog didn't come back. I do remember seeing the dogs hind it had a scar on it," she meowed.

"So Sadie was just helping you. I guess I better go say sorry," said padding away.

I walked over to Sadie and sat down.

"Sorry for blaming you," I whined.

She looked at me, "It's alright. I understand why you would think I did something. Can you get this stupid dog away from me though," she playfully whined.

I nodded, "Sure thing," I wolfed while Killer stared at us with a stern look.

Killer walked away mumbling things under his breath. Sadie walked away from me, and quietly sneaked up behind Killer. She then pounced on Killer and they started playing with each other. Then I felt a pair of paws fall on my pelt. I fell and rolled over to see Ruff on me panting playfully. Then all the other dogs came over and started jumping on me. It was a crazy mess. I was glad I was their leader though. They were my pack.

I was standing on this fluffy white stuff. A dog was sitting in front of me. The dog looked up at me with its piercing eyes.

"Hello Melissa. I wanted to share something with you. Now that you have taken leadership over these dogs I would like you to assign their places among the pack. You need Hunters, an Alpha Male, a Deputy, two Guards, and a Care Taker. I hope you may lead this pack well." The dog barked while placing a paw to my head.

The dog left a paw print on my head that started to glow. Giving me a great feeling of leadership, telling me exactly what I needed to do.

I scrambled to get up, "Everyone come sit before me," I barked.

Everyone came and sat before me. I found a boulder so I figured that would be suitable. I hopped on it.

"Some dog came to me and told me something important. Now that I have taken leadership over all of you, I must appoint your place in this pack. I need Hunters, an Alpha Male, a Deputy, two Gaurds, and a Care Taker. So now I will appoint you. First I will announce the Alpha Male. The Alpha Male will be known as Ruff," said while calling him up and placing a paw to his head. Giving him the same paw I had.

"Thank you," he whimpered while licking me. He stayed up on the rock with me.

"Next I will appoint the Deputy. The Deputy will be known as Killer," I stated while Killer pawed up to me. I placed my paw on his shoulder, and a paw appeared on his shoulder, but his didn't glow. Killer nodded his thanks, and walked down.

"Now I will appoint the two Guards. The two Guards will be Sadie and Dozer," Sadie and Dozer pawed up to me. I placed my paw on their shoulders one at a time, and two claws clashing into each other were on their shoulders.

"Thanks," they barked in union bowing their heads.

"Next the Care Taker. The Care taker will be Princess," Princess ran up to me and bowed her head thank you. I placed my paw on her shoulder and a herb showed.

"Beast, for now you will be our only hunter. So for now most of us will help you hunt," Beast ran up to me, and I placed a paw on her shoulder. Running paws came up on her shoulder. She bowed her head.

"Now all of you, welcome to your new pack."

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