Chapter 28

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Daniella's POV

It was Smackdown and of course Guadalupe was going to be on Miz TV. I had gotten to the arena around 7 so I can start getting ready. I was putting my hair in a ponytail when there was a knock on my door.

Opening the door I saw it was my little brother wearing my t-shirt. I sighed and pulled him into the locker room.

"What do you want Alejandro?" I asked.

"Mom said to go find you since the show is going to start."

"Wait, mom is here?"

"Yeah she wants to go talk to Guadalupe."

I sighed and nodded my head and Alejandro walked out of my locker room. I finished getting ready and turned on the TV to see Guadalupe already out there smiling.

"Guadalupe, everyone who saw Raw this week saw you leaving your little sister unconscious in the ring. Why'd you do that?" Miz asked.

Before I could hear her answer, I saw my mom walking towards the curtain. I groaned and started walking after her. I could hear Guadalupe talking and I heard her call out my dad.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" I asked once I caught up to her.

"I'm going to talk to your sister and I guess your dad too."

We were both standing by the curtain and they played my music. Everyone started cheering once I got out with my mom right besides me. I had my microphone in hand twirling it around smiling at them both.

"Hi pops. Lupe."

"What do you want Daniella this is grown up talk." Guadalupe sneered.

"Oh nothing I just want to hear your little, what is this 'interview' up close. Go on continue, it's like I'm not here."

She rolled her eyes and turned back around to Miz. He finally asked about her relationship with Randy and smiled widely. I smirked and raised the microphone to my mouth before coughing a little.

"Thirsty." I said in between coughs. I looked up and saw Guadalupe glaring at me. I stood up from the chair and smiled at her.

"Lupe, you know it's true. In the past starting when you were a teenager, you would go to guy, to guy, to guy, to guy, and to guy." I said emphasising the word guy every time I said it.

"Get to the point Daniella."

"My point is, you are what I know you are. I mean, you have some great sparkly short shorts, designer heels that must've cost you a fortune. Plus you've got a, what is that sports bra? I can't even tell it's so short." I smirked.

Guadalupe narrowed her eyes at me while my smile got wider. The Miz finally stepped smiling a little.

"So Daniella, what are you calling your sister?" he asked.

"Well I'm gonna say it in Spanish so she can understand it." I took a step closer to her.

"Ella es una puta que se vista como un prostituta." I smirked before throwing the microphone in her face and tackling her to the ground.

I was hitting her while my dad tried separating us. My mom had to separate us two from each other. Guadalupe was already over my dad's shoulder trying to hit me. I picked up the microphone and wiped it before raising it to my lips.

"Guadalupe, you can get your little 'boyfriend' Randy Orton and be tag partners tonight, because in the main event I'm going to be with Dean Ambrose against you. Oh and I promise, I'm gonna beat your ass tonight." I said throwing the microphone towards them.

My mom held me back and picked it up hesitantly. I raised an eyebrow and she looked at my dad who turned around.

"Razor, after you betrayed Daniella and Alejandro, I've been thinking." she paused and looked at her ring.

"Razor, I'm getting a DIVORCE!" she slipped her ring off and dropped it on the ground. I looked at the ring that was on the floor by my foot and the crowd was going crazy.

Lord help me in this match now. I got out of the ring and started to head backstage with my mom ahead of me.

Seth's POV

"That obviously didn't go as we wanted it." Randy said after it went to commercial.

I rolled my eyes and continued to put stuff away on my locker. I turned back around and saw it came back on from commercial.

Randy said he had to go meet up with Hunter so he left the locker room. I sat down and watched as it showed Daniella walking through a hallway with her mom.

"Mom this is my friend Dean. Dean this is my mom." she said smiling.

"Mhm friends Daniella. Es esta tu novio?" I choked on the water I was drinking as Daniella's eyes got wide.

"Hey mom how about you go bother AJ whose over there." she said pointing to AJ.

Daniella sighed as she turned back to Dean. She smiled sheepishly at him as he raised at her.

"What was that about?" he asked.

"Just my mom being my mom." she said shaking her head.

"So how about dinner tonight after our match since the other date kinda got cancelled." Dean asked scratching the back of his neck.

"Yeah, I'd like that."

"Good. I'll pick you up from your hotel room."

"Alright but focus on our match first. Don't get too distracted by me." she joked to him before walking off.

"I'll try not to." Dean mumbled to himself before walking in the other direction.

It went to the commentary table and Jerry was smiling. I glared at the TV and drank more of the water.

"Guys, does this mean Daniella and Dean are going to go on date?" Jerry asked excitedly.

"We don't know king, but we all know they're going to be a tag team tonight." Cole said.


It's time for the main event and I wasn't so sure how this is going to end. Daniella and Dean were already in the ring watching as Guadalupe and Randy were walking to the ring. Daniella handed her championship to Lillian and Dean handed the briefcase to her too.

Daniella was starting off with Guadalupe and I knew this wouldn't end well. Daniella took her down as soon as the bell rang and Guadalupe couldn't get her off.

Daniella threw Guadalupe into the turnbuckle and was yelling in her face. You could only hear a little bit of the words she said to her but everyone could hear the last ones she said.

"I trusted you Guadalupe! You're my sister and you abandoned me!"

Guadalupe pushed Daniella off and tagged Randy in. Dean got in and was all over Orton in the ring. The cameraman went to Daniella and I saw the handwriting on her side again.

They focused back on the match and Randy was going for the pin. He only got the two count and Daniella was watching intently at Guadalupe. Out of nowhere Dean countered the RKO and DDT'ed Randy in the center of the ring.

Guadalupe tried to stop the pin but Daniella tackled her again to the mat. This time Daniella didn't hit Guadalupe since the match was already over.

The referee raised Daniella and Dean's hands in the air. Daniella hugged Dean after she got her title and Dean motioned for a microphone.

"So I'll see you at dinner at that one restaurant. By the way Daniella, nice tattoo you got there on your side." Dean said.

Daniella smiled and pecked Dean's cheek before stepping out of the ring. The crowd started cheering yes while Dean smirked at Daniella who was walking up the ramp.

Dean was making this way more complicated than it had to be. I just want to work things out with her, but it's not working too well.

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